Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A night in the life

It's bedtime and her BG is 254. Not horribly high, but it is following the same pattern of the last few days. Semi-high at bedtime, high overnight and high in the morning. Changes on the horizon?

Usual bedtime insulin and snack. Down by 9:00 pm. Ninety minutes later I can still hear her tossing and turning so I go to check on her. She's awake and says she doesn't feel good. A quick check reveals an 88 on the meter. We give her 10g of carbs, plus some protein. She's happy with her unexpected snack and falls asleep within 20 minutes of consuming it.

Midnight. She's 157. Better, but not good enough. The alarm is set for 3:00 am.

3:00 check and she's 107. She should be going up. Why isn't she going up? She gets 5g more, and it's off to sleep again. After we set the alarm for 4:30 am.

Sleep? What is this sleep that you speak of? It's 4:30 and a 109 pops up on her meter. No more active insulin in her system, so why is she not higher? Sigh. This means another check in a few hours.

Last alarm of the morning. The hour of 6:00 am has come quickly, and with it brings a BG of 62. We think 10g should do. She eats and goes back to sleep for a few hours.

We look bleary-eyed at each other, the unasked questions swirling in our brains. Why? How? Huh? It doesn't matter. We shrug our shoulders and turn the page.

Today is a new day.


  1. Must be something in the water....after our struggle last week, we're still battling getting enough "extra" in the girls without pushing them way over the top. Sleep is for the weak - LOL -which I'm getting more so by the day. Sorry you had another rough night, gotta take care of you and the wee babe while you take care of the little lady.

  2. Have you ever tried to skip the bedtime insulin?? Really~ what could happen... your up every couple hours???

    I am sure we are on a different type so it may not be an option for you, but then again... who knows?

    I hope you can get more rest tonight.

  3. I think it might have to do with her growing .Of course you will figure it out cause you are the mom and da bomb.

  4. Boo to night time. It is our biggest struggle time too and that means not good sleep. NIght time crazy is the biggest reason we think about going to a pump...

  5. We're on a pump and we still deal with crazy nights all the time! The good thing is, it's much easier to correct and we can give those miniscule doses she needs. I hear you on this- I HATE checking that much at night. And yet, it's become what's normal for us. We just can't trust those night numbers to hold steady. SO FRUSTRATING!!!

  6. Hang in there...

    Sounds like a rough night.

    I am with the 2 Green Eyed Girls...sleep is for the WEAK - haha. I have to say this or I'd cry thinking of all the sleep I have been deprived of over the past 3+ years.

    Hope last night was a better one for you.

  7. P.S. I love your new header...and text - VERY funny.

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  9. That is so frustrating...turning the new page to a new day seems all you can control on a night like that. I hope you are able to get more sleep tonight. *hugs*

  10. Too bad we cannot have a little light that comes on in all of our homes when one of us is up, so we have a friend to commiserate with.. Each our own special code, so we do not wake all the sleeping moms :)

    My post was similar today.....

    sweet dreams


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