Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why we do what we do

My heart is breaking for a family I have never met, yet am connected to because of a terrible disease. The Mom went into her son's room one morning, only to find he had passed away during the night, they think from a low blood sugar. His name was Tyler and he was only 14 years old. He, of course, had Type 1 Diabetes.

All my D-Mom/Dads already know what I'm about to write, so I mainly write this for my friends and family members who read my blog.

When I usually explain to the uninitiated all the work that goes into caring for Elise, the response is always surprise. Especially when I get to the part about how we get up at least twice a night to check her blood sugar.

I know it seems over the top to most people, but as Elise's Mom, I will do everything in my power to protect her from harm. And I know that I cannot be there 100% of the time. I know I cannot protect her from every evil in this world, but you can bet that I will bust my ass to try.

Let's look at it this way; when you get in your car, you either strap your kiddo into their car/booster seat, or make sure they put their seat belt on, right (let's disregard this is a matter of law for the moment)? Why do you do this? You're a safe driver. You obey all posted speed limits, you use caution, and pay attention to the road.

But what you can't control are other circumstances; drunk drivers, people who text and drive; and the ones who just plain suck at driving. You have no idea at what might happen next, so you do what you can to protect your child... it's just good ol' common sense, right?

As so many others have eloquently stated, a parent is NOT a pancreas. No matter how hard I try, I cannot replace that precious organ in Elise's body. I was not created to control and maintain blood sugars. All I can do is use my common sense and do my absolute best.

And this is why we weigh every carb Elise eats.

This is why we check her blood sugar 10-12 times a day, and at least twice a night.

This is why we don't leave Elise with anyone.

It's why Elise isn't in pre-school.

It's why I ALWAYS have a watchful eye on Elise.

It's why Elise comes with us on our date nights.

And why I carry a backpack full of strange gadgets and food. It may seem odd to you, but it might just save Elise's life one day.

It's why I am so tired, so distracted, so overprotective, so consumed and so frightened.
Because stories like Tyler's happen. And they happen to people who do everything they can, just like we're doing. I mean, his Mom is an ER nurse.

And so, my heart is breaking. Not just for this family, but for all the other D-families out there who hear these stories. And the need to check their kiddos a little more often and hold them a little closer consumes them that much more.

Please God, let us find a cure soon.


  1. Yes amen let us find a cure soon .

  2. Joanne...

    Couldn't have stated it any better. Beautifully written. I am so sad over this, my heart is heavy. It is the one thing we all try to not focus is always under the surface. It hurts to know one of us lost the battle, paying the most precious price.

    I love you all and all of your families.

  3. Beautifully said.. as I am crying..

    My Tyler is 14 too.....

    Such a tragic loss.... it is always in to back of my mind, esp. when i check him at night..I always touch him to make sure he is warm.
    together we will make a difference with this disease...

  4. thank you for this post! It is beautiful!

  5. I am so sad for that family - and it is my greatest fear too. I am so so grateful to have found you ladies because no one ever understands the care that goes into a child with diabetes except you all! Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. Tears. It's so good to know we have each other.

  7. P.S. Thanks for inspiring me to write about this. A ton of my non-D friends are shocked and had no idea that this was even possible. I really never thought to share about the horrors of it because I try not to think about it. It is just too painful.


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