Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just some stuff

Have I told you guys how awesome you are lately? Well, you are. Your comments on my last post really helped me focus in on the issue... and Beth gave me some pretty interesting info. I've copied and pasted it from the comments section:

I don't know how it works in little ones, but some of the research speaks about the lack of production of Amylin along with insulin, which is a hunger-regulating hormone. For adults, there is now an injectable drug called Symlin which slows gastric emptying and helps create a feeling of fullness. I know a few adults who use Symlin and they say that until they started using it, they had a never-ending, constant sense of hunger (even after finishing a meal).

We have our endo appointment this Friday, and both Fred and I are pretty sure her A1C will be up from the 7.0 last time. I just keep telling myself that we have been through a lot of junk in the last 3 months (the full-strength insulin debacle, major growth spurts, illnesses), and it has nothing to do with how good of a job my husband and I are doing.

And keep telling myself, and keep telling myself...

What is it they say about being our own worst critic?


  1. well joanne just because it might be up does not mean that you guys are doing anything wrong . stuff happens and it is no reflection upon you and anyone who tells you that are full of the royal crapola . You are an excellent mom and it shows in all you do including blogging .

  2. Gotta LOVE Beth! I'm all with the Amylin theory....Maddison is there right now!

  3. Yeah...LOVE THAT BETH :)

    No matter what the number is, you ARE doing a fantastic job. Elise is blessed to call YOU guys mommy and daddy!!!

    Blame diabetes.

  4. Well we all know T1 is can be doing everything right and still get numbers from hell. But know you are doing the best you can! I don't know how it is with you but sometimes MY personal best varies from month to month. Some months I really struggle. I do the very best I can though and I know Syd knows this. She knows she is loved.

    Elise is the same. She KNOWS she is loved. You guys are doing the best you can--and that is great! You are doing awesome!

  5. I think I wrote somewhere recently that sometimes controling T1 in a child is like trying to control the weather.

    Keep telling yourself that you are doing a fantastic job because...SURPRISE! You ARE doing a fantastic job!

    Go to that appointment head held high my friend!

  6. Elise's A1C while important, does NOT represent the quality of life she has or all of the love and work that you and Fred put into making sure she's getting everything she needs. You are a force to be reckoned with, don't forget that! T1 sucks, but it doesn't have to define who our children are based on their "numbers".


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