Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All I want for Christmas

I remember Christmas as a child as an exciting time. Starting when the tree went up, and packages started to arrive in the mail. Slowly, the empty space beneath the tree would start to get filled up by brightly coloured boxes and bags; each concealing their secret that would be revealed on Christmas morning.

On Christmas Eve, I would always sneak down after Santa had come to see the tree in all it's glory. I would marvel at how it towered; the lights casting rainbows in the darkened room. I would take in all the gifts piled at the bottom, then quietly steal back upstairs to my room to await the carnage of the morning.

As you grow older, the meaning of Christmas changes for you. Traditions. Family. If you are religious; Jesus. The gifts slowly fade in importance. But there is one gift I would give anything for.

It cannot be wrapped or bought. It takes away, rather than gives. Of course I'm talking about a cure. It goes without saying that I would forgo gifts for the rest of my life, if I could just have this one thing.

I know I probably won't get it this year. Or the next. Or for many years to come. But it will always be at the very top of my list


  1. Me too. I've been working on a song.... Hoping to blog it soon. It's all I want.

  2. You are one D-Mom among thousands of D-Mom's with that particular, oh so sweet wish.

    Unfortunatley, I am now a full-fledged, card-carrying member of club D-Mom.

    This club sucks.

  3. Well crap, that's all I want too! :) I'll pay more attention to others blog post before I post next time! Didn't mean to have the exact same title and blog subject as you on the same day. Sorry. :(

  4. Right there with you and now I'm crying, but I've been doing that all day. This is our first Christmas with "D" and wish it didn't have to be a part of our day or our lives!

  5. Amen Joanne. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas with your two sweet kids.

  6. Maybe... if we wish hard enough?? I hope and pray that cure isn't too far off.

  7. It always breaks my heart when my daughter says things like, "If I could have three wishes...." If only we could all have three wishes.

  8. I know this is our number 1 wish too... it breaks my heart knowing it is so far away. As hard as it is this year adjusting to D I am so thankful that we arent adjusting to life with out Joshua. We came so close and we are so thankful that it isnt a different story for us. I love you Joanne and all you have done for me this year!

  9. the number one wish for this Christmas and every single one that follows.

  10. The list of what I wouldn't give to make that wish come true is so short. May all our Christmas wishes come true.

  11. I'll sign the petition. No more asking for Christmas presents...if we can only get a cure. I'll take three please. :)

  12. I always have wonder what it would be like to not have diabetes? I have dealt with diabetes for 39 years, and was diagnosed at the age of 3.
    When I was little there were not many my age or hardly no one you knew my age that had diabetes. It was strange to grow up withthe diesease and did not realize how angry I was untill I was a teenager that I resented having the disease.

    To this day I still have trouble accepting the fact I have diabeted, but do my best to cope with it. Thanks for the stories and having a blog to share!
    God bless you all, From Kirsten someone who has type 1 diabetes!


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