Thursday, December 16, 2010


I'm not sure "blurgh" is really a word, but it's how I'm feeling. Tomorrow we have our endo appointment, and usually I have a pretty good idea on where we stand. But for once, I have no idea.

Hopefully we'll get some answers on why Elise's BG is soaring and plummeting at dinnertime. She can go from 130 flat to 300 double arrows up and 150 double arrows down all in the span of an hour. That cannot feel good. We have tried all sorts of tricks (short of giving her two shots), and nothing seems to be working.

The other night when she had her skating lessons, I withheld her shot for about an hour after she started eating. She was in the 300s when I put her on the ice, and when she came off 30 minutes later, she had double arrows down on the CGM and her BG was 82. Blurgh.

(I'm even thinking of giving her a low-ish carb meal - about 20g - for dinner, and not giving her a shot at all, just correcting at bedtime on skating nights. Anybody have any thoughts???)

We'll also be discussing pumps at our appointment, and I'll be trying to weasel out of pump classes (at least one of them that our endo makes you take). A pump seems to be in our imminent future, but I'm not looking forward to trying to figure out which one to go with and then starting the learning process over again. The mere thought of it exhausts me. Blurgh.

Today Elise told me her heart hurts. What the crap does that even mean??? Blurgh.

And today is Elise's pre-school teacher's last day. Miss C has Type 2 Diabetes (dx about 1 1/2 years ago), and she's having trouble managing her BG. So she's leaving her job to get a better handle on it. If you ask Elise what her favourite thing about school is, her answer is, "Miss C!"

I can't say enough about how this woman has helped Fred and I to feel completely comfortable with leaving Elise with anyone for the very first time in her life. Because of her, we were able to take this step, and Elise is so much better for it. Miss C went above and beyond for us, and I am so sad that she has to leave. I understand, but I'm still sad. Today Elise told me, "I'm going to miss Miss C!"

My in-laws are coming tomorrow and my house is one big trash heap. Instead of complaining via a blog post, I really should be cleaning. So I'm off to find my vacuum.

Say it with me... BLURGH!


  1. Blurg, Blurg and BLURG!
    We had our endo appt yesterday - BLURG!
    She changed a lot of things and then we got to treat a few 40's already - BLURG!
    Sending some better than BLURG thoughts your way.
    Take care and enjoy one little moment today even if it's just gazing at that beautiful newborn of yours :)

  2. Forget the vacuum! Maybe your inlaws will take pity on you and help you clean :) You could use a little help and I hope they are able to provide it. P.S. Going to a pump class does not mean you have to start soon. It is just a familiarization process. And you don't have to choose endo's pump recommendation; pumps are pretty similar; if you learn one, it is easy to learn concept of another. Personally, I think seeing all a pump can do might lift you out of the blurgs..... the meal spikes and drops are truly scarey. A pump will make it less so. I hope you change your mind and go... no decisions need to be made until you are ready.

  3. BLURGH!!!!

    I'm with you all day long friend. BLURGH! (I threw that last one in for good measure.)

    I'm on board for the 20 carb dinner. Let's do it! (See how I am making myself part of your management team, and thus making myself part of your family! I'm sneaky like that!)

    Sorry about the teacher leaving, but all will be well! I just know it!

  4. Oh no! Miss C cant leave!!??? Im so sad for you!

    Just know whatever that A1c is, Elise is happy and healthy becuase of YOU. Promise not to expect too much from that number, you have had it tough!

  5. Blurgh-a-Blurgh-Blurgh-Blurgh!!! I hear ya sista!

    I felt the same way that you do about pumping. But I can honestly say that it might take one of those blurghs away :) It really has been a good thing for us.

    And I'm sorry about Elise's teacher...I'm sure that all will work out. But I say "Blurgh it!" anyway!!!

  6. blurggg!!!! And ((((hugs)))). Hope things get better and you figure out the dinner time situation. We do the low carb dinner alot when we need to see whats going on. It helps. Sorry about Ms C :(

  7. BLURGH! Pumping is in our near future too and like you, I am not looking forward to all the research. BLURGH!

    Hope things start going better.

  8. Bummer on the teacher Jo. Sounds like Elise really bonded with her and you felt comfortable leaving Elise in her care :(

    And...on the iceskating...go for the 20gs...uncovered...sounds good and you can figure it out from there without lows (hopefully). will rock it when that time comes for you. NO Blurgh there. You are a Pancreatic ROCK STAR sistah!!! WOOT!

  9. Well . . . blurghity-blurgh-blurgh!

    Hope you get some good information at the endo, and remember, it is just information. YOU get to decide what to do with it AND when.

    So, blurgh that!

  10. The low carb dinner sounds like a good plan for skating nights. I always eat a high protein snack right before skating, and usually it helps me stay pretty level through my 1hr lesson.

    That is too bad about Elise's teacher, but I am sure it will be okay.

  11. Oh my goodness, Blurg here too!!!

    We have been having the same issues here too, what is up with that? Ours tends to happen at lunch.

    Good luck on the pump decisions. It is a hard one but I really believe one will just stick out, the right one for you and Elise.

  12. No! Miss C can't leave!

    Don't clean the house.

    Go take a nap.

    The pump rocks....the learning curve isn't as bad as you fear. Really!

  13. I agree - BLURG! I know this post was a while ago (I'm just now catching up on my blog reading!), but I used to with-hold my son's NPH/Regular shot this past summer when he was on swim team. He swam in the mornings, and hates eating right when he gets up. So, I gave him a granola bar and let him practice (1 1/2 hours swimming laps), then I'd give his shot when he had his real "breakfast" at about 10am. Make the insulin work for you - especially if it's NPH! Hope your transition to the pump is quick, smooth, and easy!


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