Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things I learned about diabetes this month... November edition

-Thanksgiving is the best when done with another D family. Fred and I are not from the U.S., so Thanksgiving is not a big deal to us. We usually get invited to someone's house. Since Elise's dx, Thanksgiving has been hard. Because she need to eat at a certain time (and not 3 pm which seems to be the norm for some strange reason). Because we need accurate carb counts. Because I will probably drive you crazy with all my weighing and calculating. This year, we ate with Jessica and her family. That girl can COOK! And she even figured out all the carb factors for the foods and made the most adorable list of them, complete with drawings. She sent it home with me... I must remember to scan it! The best part was how they get it. And it was awesome.

-When you check your baby's BG on the heel, you should not poke them in the middle if the heel, as the lancet could hit the bone and cause an infection. Rather, you should poke them on the side. This is per Mattias's pediatrician.

-Diabetes is going to cost me my teeth if I don't do something. All the stress from D-management gets taken out on my choppers at night. I grind my teeth big time. The other day, part of my tooth came away as I was flossing. I went to the dentist and he said it probably broke because of all the pressure I put on my teeth from the grinding. Greatness. Now I need a night guard. Merry Christmas to me.

-My daughter is a sugar-holic. She actually is disappointed when she's not low because she doesn't get any smarties. We had just started using those plastic wrapped bundles-of-pure-sugar for lows because we received a bunch of them at Halloween. I had to stop because of Elise's smarties jones. It would only take about 5 or 6 of those little suckers to get her back in range, but she'd cry when she didn't get the whole package. So now we're back to using bananas for lows. Plus I like to sing, "these lows are bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S". Because I'm weird like that.


  1. How awesome that your and Jessica's family were together for Thanksgiving. That is simply wonderful!

    I'm sorry about your teeth. :(

  2. I like how you "roll" with the "Banana Song". I like the song "peel banana...peel, peel,eat banana...go bananas...go,go bananas".... It has a really awesome dance too. Have you done it before?

    P.S. I am so glad you got to hook up with Jess and her family for Thanksgiving. Please give her my best!

  3. Oh and that sucks about your grinding...and the guard...etc.

  4. Reyna, I have never heard that song. I want a video of you performing it on your blog by the end of today please. Thank you.

  5. I started grinding my teeth too...ergh!
    Love that you channel Gwen to treat lows ;-) now that will be stuck in my head ALL DAY.
    Bryce is a sugar-holic too. He said the best part of being type 1 is the lows and getting something sweet to treat it. Nice!

  6. I have to know ..... do yu do a little 'pop-up' of the hands and a 'bump-bump' of your bootie along with the song? You should. Cracks the kids up every time ;)

    I am defenitely finding a D-family to cook, feed and figure carbs for my family next year! SCORE!!!

    Sorry about the toofers. Dental work sucks and it's expensive to boot. :(

  7. I wish I could have had Thanksgiving dinner with you! I had a heck of a time figuring out the carb counts, especially since my daughter likes to try everything and I wasn't going to tell her no. Can't wait to see the picture she made for you. I also grind my teeth at night...wake up with my jaw clenched tight. I've also noticed that I walk/sit around with my shoulders tense and pulled up tight. I have to tell myself to relax my shoulders and then I realize just how tight I was holding them. Oh, and Natalie also hopes she's low. When I test her at bedtime she says "I hope I'm low. I hope I'm low, so I can have peanut butter crackers." She doesn't get them often though.

  8. I am totally loving the bananas song as well as the diabetes family Thanksgiving! Emma actually groans and gives me the old "AWW MAN!!" when she finds out she is NOT low and therefore does not get to have any Sorry to hear about your teeth as well...that has got to be painful on your jaw!

  9. and because you rock like that, too!
    How fun to go to another d fam's celebration and not have to worry about the carb counts too much. Enjoy the holidays!

  10. Adele also hopes for lows so she can eat extra snacks. That's D for you. Sometimes it's "no you absolutely can't eat that" and other times it's "you absolutely NEED to eat that right now"...


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