Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

Some time ago I saw THE best Christmas cards in a store. On the front of the card, there was a choir of people wearing those oh-so-wonderful backless hospital gowns. They were singing, "Do you hear what I hear?". The caption on the card said, "Christmas at the mental hospital".

Funny? You betcha. Politically correct? Probably not. What does it have to do with this post? Not a whole lot, except these days Fred and I find ourselves saying, "did you hear that?" to each other a lot.

If you or your child has a CGM, then you are well-acquainted with it's many alarms; of the buzzing and beeping variety. My ears are finely tuned to be able to hear these alarms at all times.

The problem is that there are probably no fewer than 8 different items in our house that make similar sounding (or similar enough sounding to my very tired and very overworked ear drums) noises. Fred's Ipad, my laptop, my phone, Fred's phone, the smoke alarm, microwave, stove alarm, furnace (yes our furnace makes a buzzing noise. I'm told that it's okay) ... and that's not even counting the plethora of Elise's toys that boop, beep or buzz in some manner.

It's enough to drive a person crazy. Although for me, it's a very short trip.

Just today, I was sitting on the sofa with the TV on. Elise was in her room, having her "rest time" (since she recently decided not to nap anymore, I still send her upstairs for an obligatory momma-needs-a-break-from-YOU time), when I heard a very distinct buzzing.

Now usually Elise will call to me through the baby monitor, saying "my phone is ringing!" (and ohmygoodness that STILL tickles me that she says that) But there are days that she does fall asleep, so I lugged my behind upstairs to find her wide awake and a 105 flat on the monitor. Weird.

I decided it must have been on of the other noise-makers in the house and went back to my business of killing brain cells. It wasn't until a few hours later when I happened to be passing by the TV (which was still on) and heard the buzzing again. Turns out it was some stupid commercial!

It's so interesting to me that something that is just an every day noise to other people, causes us D-parents to snap to attention. My favourite is when Jessica, Laura and I are all hanging out and we have to figure out which of our kids is doing the buzzing or beeping.

Maybe Dexcom could have a music player on their next receiver... that way, instead of a buzz or a beep when Elise is low, it could play "Low" by Flo Rida.

I'm just sayin'... we've got to get our chuckles where we can.


  1. Im cracking up at Flo Rida!! Thatd be awesome. On Ping you can make your own rings although we havent done it..so if high what would it play on Dex? Ohh the options..lol

  2. Hmmm, I kinda like "High" by The Cure.

  3. Love the description you gave on all the different things in your home that make the same noise. I need to call Dexcom...Joe's only vibrates, the sound alarm stopped working. During the day he alerts me when it vibrates and at night I slap Dexter right by the baby monitor, but the audible alarm would be nice to have back...:(

    What I would not give to hand with you, Laura, and Jessica and the crew. You guys must be hysterical.

  4. Oh now that's funny. Ringtones would totally rock though.

  5. That was just too funny! Glad I found ur blog!

  6. Hehe...ringtones for low and high alarms would be awesome! We could all bust a move to them! Hope you're all having a good holiday season so far!

  7. We don't have the dexcom, but when there is any beep, we become a family of detectives until the culpret is found. Everything beeps around here. The boys are encircled with technology. It is funny...sometimes. :)

  8. LOVE your song selection! Hilarious and so perfect!

  9. Oh! One for blood sugar rising:

    "You lift me Up ..... Josh Grobin"

    Arrows going down:

    "I fall to pieces ..... Patsy Cline"

    high numbers:

    "Life is a Highway ..... Rascal Flatts

    "High and Dry .... Def Leopard"

    So fun. Must get back to something productive now.

    Thanks for the laugh!!!

  10. Fantastic concept!!!

    I'm liking POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME for lows ;)

    Buzz Buzz...beep...buzz...beep beep...

    Did you get all that?

  11. I want Isaac's to sing "trouble" by Ray LaMontange when he's going low with double arrows. Wouldn't that be perfect?!

  12. I'm totally cracking up at this! We can make the ping sing.... I should look into that. But I'd prefer Dex to sing, really.

    We do the same thing. The other night we were watching this show with Sweets where they were singing and the music sounded just like Dexie beeping. I kept asking her and she kept saying NO and finally we both irritated and it was just the song! Ha ha! Life in the D lane, I guess!

  13. ha! when we were in the car the other day Addison said "what is that sound?" I didn't hear anything. 'It is a vibrating sound" he told me. Then I heard a little beeping sound. I asked him "did your pump vibrate and make that sound?" "YEAH!" Oh...low battery alert!

  14. You always make me smile!

    Love the..."Momma still needs a break from you time"

    Love it!

    Love you! : )


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