Monday, December 13, 2010

They did it!

I am always in awe when a person with diabetes takes on very physically demanding challenges and does well. If you haven't read Reyna's posts about how she keeps up with her energizer-bunny-of-a-kid Joe, you should. Just reading them makes me want to take a nap.

Because let's face it. Diabetes and activity of any kind is not easy to manage. And the Amazing Race is physical activity on crack. And that's what makes this season's win by Nat (PWD) and Kat that much more incredible.

Nat and Kat were, without a doubt, my favourite team in race history. Diabetes aside, I have never seen a classier team run the race. I don't think I heard them utter a cross word to each other once, and I also read that Kat helped Nat out with a lot of the diabetes management.

I am not ashamed to admit that I cried when I saw Nat and Kat running for the finish line. Elise was watching with me, and I just lost it. I became a blubbering mess of mommy goo.

Because it means so much to me to see someone with diabetes prevail. Through the extreme heat. Extreme cold. Exhaustion. Hunger. Hardship. Fear. Different time zones, cultures and food. Nat not only made it through, she and Kat came out on top. And the first all female team to win it too!

I'm sure Nat Strand didn't set off on this adventure to become a role model, but I think she has. To all the kiddos out there who think diabetes might hold them back. To all the parents who fearfully wonder how this disease could limit their child.

Congrats and thank you Nat and Kat, for running such a classy race. I loved seeing two smart, sassy, and determined ladies take the top prize!


  1. BUMMER...I fell asleep (and you can only guess why...after keeping up with Joe this past w/e - hehe) and missed the end of the race. I couldn't agree with you more Jo. I started watching the Amazing Race this year for the first time ever thanks to your post at the beginning of the season. Thank you. I agree that seeing PWDs succeed in the extremes stirs something deep inside of me. I know our kids can do anything they dream of (well except for being an astronaut and a commercial pilot)...but you know what I am saying. I am trying to teach Joe that very lesson early on.

    Love you girl...we just got 6 more inches of snow!!! ARGH.

  2. I didn't follow it at all, but am still inspired just by your explanation.

    Thanks for sharing Joanne !!

  3. I watched every episode and was cheering when Nat and Kat crossed that fininsh line!!! It was awesome and I loved that at the end, while standing at the finish line she talked about how important it was to her to show that even with diabetes you can do anything :)

    I was so emotional watching that too, as a mommy of two girls with type 1 diabetes I felt so proud of Nat and all that she accomplished...I couldn't help but think of my own daughters and what the future holds for them.

  4. I bawled as they crossed the finish line as well and when Nat talked about showing others with diabetes that D can't stop you from doing anything! I just sobbed. Love that she has the name as my daughter as well!

  5. me too! It rocked to see that and I cried happy tears knowing that it was a celebration in many arenas!

  6. Kevin just told me about this...I had no idea! I'm not a big TV person and have never watched that show.

    But...I'm so excited! Woo Hoo!

    Matthew was thrilled when I told him. Our kiddos can do anything.

    And if we're anything like Reyna, we'll keep up. Otherwise...I'm napping with you! : )

  7. We thought of you as we watched the Race! :) We were very excited too! Very cool! :)

  8. I wish my boys could have seen it...the entire thing. What a moment! I was bursting with pride!


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