Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's get a deal!

I interrupt my whining and moaning to bring you a post about one of my favourite things... saving money!

I know the Go Go Squeez Applesauce if a favourite among moms in the DOC, and I'm no exception... both my kiddo love them! My only beefs are that they're expensive, and not widely available. In fact, Target is the only store that carries them, which is no big deal since I'm there almost every other day, but they set me back about $2.50 for a 4-pack. And a pack only lasts a few days around here.

On a side note, I have checked out Costco, and although they are the cheapest price in town, they only carry the plain applesauce, which neither of my kids like.

One day I decided to look on Amazon. They were running about the same price as Target, but I kept going back to check the price, knowing that prices on Amazon seem to change daily.

Then, the other day my patience paid off, and I was able to buy 2 cases of 48 (1 case of apple-peach and 1 case of apple-banana) for under $50, shipping included! I know that seems like a lot of money up front, but I'm saving 50 cents per 4-pack, which is a savings of $12.00. I'll take that!

I just looked, and they're still selling at that price. One thing to note; you will have to sign up for something called "Subscribe and Save" to get the lowest price (you save 15%), but you can arrange for delivery for every 6 months, and then go in and cancel your recurring orders. Here are the links:


Today I'm thankful that saving a few bucks on applesauce can make me so happy.

Nobody paid me nuthin' for this post. I say that I like these things because I like them. And I like to tell people about things that I like. Just sayin'


  1. How funny - one of my friends JUST literally emailed me this deal because she knows Adam loves the Gogo squeeze and that we use it to treat for lows. I just got some myself! :)

  2. I love the stackable art...thanks for the tip.

  3. An applesauce pyramid.

    It's a beautiful thing.

  4. We LOVE GoGoSqueez too. Thanks for the info. Just in case you don't know...if you "like" GoGoSqueez on facebook they periodically have coupons available...I think $1.00 off per pack. I've made my hubby like them too so I can get "extra" coupons too.

  5. I love this and I get excited about deals too! Love the pyramid...so something I would do! I bought some for Nat and she is not interested....wish I could give you all our couple of boxes I bought. Of course my son only eats the unsweetened kind.

  6. LOVE good deals! Especially on those!

  7. I have only had the plain and I would agree with your children that it was less than plesant. I will have to try some other flavors and see if they satisfy.

  8. Thanks for the tip! Stocked up for my kiddos. :)


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