Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things diabetes has taught me this month: October edition

-People are jerks. Okay, I always knew this, but I guess I lived in a land with the unicorns and glitter and things of that nature and didn't really realize that there are people out there who would lie and steal from a charity. Not sure what I'm talking about? Read this post. And then read the comments and you'll find that I'm not the only one who has dealt with this. I repeat, people are jerks. (I'm hoping to have an update on this soon...)

-Letting go and not being in control is hard, but so worth it. Fred rocked the camping trip (except for a few minor details that were non-d related... but we'll not discuss those), and it was nice to have some one-on-one time with my little man. We ate gelato for dinner, danced to live music and went on a hayride. I know Mattias won't remember our time together, but I will.

-It was weird to experience life without d for the first time in over three years. I may do a longer post to expand on this, but Elise was diagnosed so young, and since she was our first child, I didn't get to experience toddlerhood without the added stress of d. I almost didn't know what to do with myself... man, diabetes is a time-suck!

-So much about dealing with d is learning to let go. Yesterday we did our pump training (more on that soon!). We are about to go live in a few days. But I am going to have to let go of a lot of what I have learned over the past three years. Some of what worked pre-pump will not work once we're pumping and all my little tricks of obtaining that nice flat line on the dex are out the window. I'm not going to lie... it's going to kill me to see crazy numbers and not be able to fix it myself.

-Strep throat is of the devil. I'm just sayin'.


  1. Both of ours used to get strep and it's the pits. Can't imagine how difficult it must be with insulin added to the routine.
    The fund-raising story is so sad.
    Enjoy the training. I know you'll be a great podder!

  2. I am so glad you and Mattias enjoyed your one on one time while daddy and daughter had a wonderful time camping. I agree with how time consuming, well ALL consuming, d is - I keep thinking about the scene in Alladin where genie says "all consuming powers, itty bitty living space..." that to me is d, it is just the tiny cells that it destroyed, yet it consumes soooooo much. Enjoy all those little moments where d doesn't poke it's nasty nose in things.
    And strep be gone fast :)

  3. Those people are jerks. I would be livid too! Hope they do the right thing. Really really hope they do.

    Good luck with pump training! It is an unknown, but you guys will rock it like you do everything else!

  4. I don't even wanna know about the jerk people, so I am not even looking, covering my ears and eyes and humming. I believe in the glitter, man :0)
    Yeah for pumping, yeah it's different, but you will do a FANTASTIC job with it!

  5. Glad you got to enjoy some one-on-one time with Mattias and the camping trip went well too! But totally sucks about the Garliq jerks...hope they respond to you soon and that they come through in the end (although that really doesn't make it all right again either). And so sorry to hear about the strep...hope everyone starts feeling better real soon!

  6. I wish I knew what toddlerhood was like without "D"...oh, how I wish! Good Luck with going live with the Pod...I know it is different from what you know but you guys will do so well since you already rock the hard stuff...NPH...just saying! Really glad to hear that everyone enjoyed their one on one time with Mommy and Daddy.

  7. oh man, the bit about enjoying your time with mattias made me smile so much.

    and yeah, it's so weird if i'm hanging out with a friend and their non-d kid and they sit down to eat, i always have an urge to count their carbs or test them. weird.

    hope the strep makes a speedy exit. and good luck on the pump start!

  8. MDI with NPH... I have even more respect for your powers.... Forgot you were still using this and stumped by how you do so well with it. Never fear, although you may see high numbers initially (which I believe the endos lower the dose deliberately to be extra safe), you will get the hang of it. It may take a month or two, even three. You have been driving a horse and buggy and are about to get a car. But you control everything about the operation of that car. You are not giving away control. You are controlling more than you have been. That is why I know you are going to like it. You definitely have what it takes and more and I know you are going to do so much better with the pump.


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