Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our first big test

Sunday night in our house looked like a late-night cram session. There were papers everywhere. Pens. Hi-lighters. Calculators. A laptop and an ipad.

And junk food. Actually, it was a pile of tootsie rolls for me to stress-eat as Fred and I crunched numbers.

Monday was our big test day. We had to email in Elise's logs as well as our recommendations for changes. I felt a little hung out to dry... we'd only been pumping for three days and already they had US making the change recommendations.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this was a GOOD thing. The sooner we could get a hang of basal/ratio adjustments, the sooner we would not have to rely on anyone. Plus, I also took it to mean that the CDEs had confidence in us too.

So we poured over the numbers, looking for patterns, hi-lighting lows and highs in different colours (I'm totally a visual person), called Laura for a little advice, and made our changes. I crossed my fingers, hoping we wouldn't get laughed at.

The verdict? They went with our changes.

Look at us! We're kicking a$$ and takin' names.


  1. Congrats on the arrival of the pump! (I'm slow to catch up, sorry). I loved the video of Elise. She is such a beautiful little girl. I'm so thrilled to hear that things have gone well with the switch over (I mean as well as can be expected when you completely turn diabetes upside down), and I'm really glad that Elise feels so postively about it all.
    Good luck with all the fine tuning. You'll do magnificently! Your description of this really took me back to those first several weeks where my poor husband spent an hour or two every other night analyzing every basal and every ratio. Sheesh, it's a lot of work!!!

  2. A+ grades for both of you.
    A++ for Elise for being such a trooper.
    Glad it's going well!

  3. The pump is made for those who like to micro-manage; the pump gives you more control over each and every hour of the day... I knew from reading how well you did on NPH for %% sake, the pump would be putty in your hands... just a matter of time. I'll bet Elise is thrilled she can eat without an injection each meal. Obviously the CDE agrees with your changes; you are learning fast. You go girl!

  4. Proud of you and Elise - way to go hon!


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