Friday, November 4, 2011

Meeting Dr. Nat Strand

I'm not much for reality TV, but one show I would not hesitate to go on is the Amazing Race. It combines my love of travel and competition, plus I think I would be a highly entertaining contestant. Take away my food and sleep and I become a bit, er... grouchy. And unpredictable.

It would make for some good television.

You might remember last year when Nat and Kat became the first female/female team to win the race.


What's more, Nat has type 1 diabetes.

Absolute swooning love.

I was so giddy when they showed her testing her BG in the first episode I nearly fell off the sofa. And when they crossed the finish line in first place, I was a mess; a melty mess of crying mommy goo.

Because watching someone with diabetes win a 40 day race around the world in which they are in a different time zone daily never knowing when their next meal would happen; all the while completing tasks that are mentally and physically challenging, gave me a hope for Elise that is beyond words.

On Thursday, Elise and I were lucky enough to be invited to a JDRF luncheon at which Nat was the keynote speaker.

When you hear of everything she and her partner had to deal with, it makes it that much more incredible that they won. No other team had to worry about their packs being left in the sun during a roadblock and the insulin expiring. Or what a 16 hour train ride would do to their BG. Or how many carbs are in a boiled sheep's skull. I am still in total awe of these two awesome ladies!

And I love how she talked about the teamwork on the race mirrored what life with D is like. How it's all about working together. With your medical team. The type 3s in your life, and people in the diabetes community. Life with D, like the race, is best done with someone awesome by your side.

I even got the chance to talk to her afterward. Yes, I cried. I probably came across a wee bit crazy too, but I wanted her to know just how much her win resonated with me.

And she is every bit as awesome as she was on TV. She said it best, people with diabetes ROCK!

Yes you do Nat. Thank you.

And now... some pictures! A stalking wouldn't be complete without photographic proof, right?

She has THE best smile I have ever seen!

Added bonus, we got to hang with Laura and Nate!

Love the expressions on both of their faces!


  1. This is just plain WONDERFUL! She sounds amazing and what a thrill to meet her - and hang out with Nate and Laura too. We SO need a D-Mama meet up one time in our lives.

  2. OMGsh!!! I am star struck just reading about you being star struck!!! She is amazing. What an awesome opportunity!!!

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time! What a wonderful way to spend your day.

  4. WOW! She's one of my diabetes heroes. I would love to hear her speak one day.

  5. That is just plain awesome . So glad you got to meet Dr Nat and hang with Laura and Nate too . What a great day .

  6. Very cool that you both got to hear her speak - she sounds amazing. :)

  7. She is TOTALLY awesome! Charlotte and I were lucky enough to meet her this summer at Children's Congress too. I was much more excited than Charlotte was...although Charlotte did think she was pretty neat too! Love the pics! Glad you all got the opportunity to meet her and hear her speak!


    my whole family LOVES TAR and we were aso giddy during that whole season. L has her heart set on going on that show with john when she gets old enough. we got to meet phil at a showing of his movie about his bike across america. still not as cool as dr. nat though! YAY! :D

  9. Awesome awesome awesome! I love Nat and what an inspiration she is. So fun that you got to hear her speak...and hang out with Laura and Nate too!!

  10. I am so happy that Dr. Nat is willing to put herself out there like that.

    I'm an adult, and it is still cool to be reminded that I can do anything with my diabetes. I can't even imagine how much more encouraging and inspirational it is for a kid!

  11. Hello!! Wow, thank you so much for the amazing blog and comments. It really was a pleasure to meet the both of you!! Glad to hear pumping is going ok!

    I hope to see you guys again!!



  12. What a great event to be a part of...and I too love the adorable pic of the kiddos at the end! People with Diabetes do ROCK!


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