Friday, July 23, 2010

D-Feast Friday - Low carb pancakes

I was really looking forward to taking part in this blog-fest; posting my recipe with pictures and all, but life has been a wee bit tricky over the last few days. So here's my rather lame attempt at joining in on the fun.

Low Carb Pancakes
(You may want to double this recipe if you're making it for more than two people)

What you need:
2 eggs
1/2 cup cottage cheese - I use 4% fat (carb factor = 0.04)
1/8 cup whole wheat flour (cf = .725)
(you can use all-purpose if you want)
1 tbsp sugar (cf= .998)

Of course, you can add all sorts of other stuff to the batter, which will change the carb factor. Some of our favourites are cinnamon, mashed up banana, blueberries, and (gasp) chocolate chips. Just not all at the same time... unless you're weird like that.

Approx. carb factor = .12

To Make:
*Throw all ingredients in a blender, or use a hand blender and mix.
*Cook in a pan, or on a griddle just like you would any other pancake.

Edited to Add: A comment on this post reminded me that not everybody uses carb factors (or knows what they are). If you haven't heard of them and are interested, I wrote a post about it awhile back... you can find it here.


  1. Fantastic! Post pics whenever you are able 'cause this is part of the permanent DFeast list. It's already been retweeting "Hey people there are low carb pancakes". :)

    Love the carb factor - particularly useful for something like pancakes. Trying to make 4" or 6" pancakes is no fun!

    Thanks for taking part in DFeast Friday!

  2. Huh, really?

    I'm just curious enough to give it a try :)

  3. I know the ingredients sound weird, but they really are good and look just like normal pancakes.

    Or maybe my standards are just really low...

  4. I think I have a new recipe to try now!!! My girls love some pancakes but I rarely make them...high bg's tend to follow :(

    Thanks for the recipe!

  5. I don't make pancakes often because they are such a blood sugar nightmare for me. I'm excited to give these a try. Yay!!

  6. Ok... I'm just really math challenged. HOw does the carb factor translate into grams of carbs? How many grams are they? I don't know how to do the math!

  7. I'm going to give this recipe a try. I usually make my pancake recipe with 50/50 (white/whole wheat flour) - but always looking for that perfect low carb pancake (so I can drizzle on more maple syrup ).

    So, I have cottage cheese, whole wheat flour - going to give this a try this w/e on our sailboat (trying to get used to having a bigger galley that I don't bonk my head in - might as well enjoy cooking some uber good meals).


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