Wednesday, July 7, 2010

That did not go well at all

Today was our much-anticipated start of the CGM trial. The best part? We got to do the training with Jessica, Justin and Liam. I thought it would make it easier for Elise to have her friend there.

Liam had the sensor placed first and was a total rockstar. It gave me great hope when all he uttered was one "ow!" Elise watched the whole thing and did not seemed disturbed by it at all.

Until it was her turn. Unfortunately, we were doing the training in a meeting room of a library, and I'm sure the entire building heard Elise's shrieks. I was trying very hard not to break down, but it was awful. There are no words to describe what that does to your heart when you hear your child cry like that. And Elise is not one to cry easily either.

She did calm down after the sensor was placed, but has since told me that she doesn't like the "thing on her leg". Especially at naptime. We also had an issue with the receiver (user error, not the product), so we're STILL waiting to calibrate it. Liam's is probably already spitting out readings. I'm jealous.

So we'll see. It definitely hasn't gone as well as I had hoped, but maybe when it actually starts working I'll be a little more enthralled.

Updated to add: Okay, after a few hiccups, we finally got it up and running. I have to admit, it is addicting and all I want to do is stare at it. This may or may not have something to do with my mental capacity as of late. And Meri, you're not out of the loop... we're doing a trial with Dexcom to see if this is something Elise will tolerate; it's not the hospital trial.


  1. Oh God, this brought me back to Grace's first pump insertion. She was so frightened by the thought of it. Once it was in place she calmed right down, but I had that awful knowledge that I was the one hurting my child.

    It sounds like you did great, though! All of this and creating a new life inside you. Wow! You deserve a medal!

  2. I hope things only improve from here! Good luck!!!

  3. Maybe you can try her bum(I know that is hard when there are others in the room with you). But that way it will be out of site... oddly, it makes a difference.

    Also, get a script for Elma (or you can buy Ela-max over the counter but you have to ask the pharmacist for it). It did WONDERS for Justin (and my breaking heart).

    Hang in there... you did awesome. Mine came today so I will be up and running soon (tonight maybe).

  4. So exciting! Sorry she had a hard time with it, though :( Keep us posted!!!!

    I'm still not ready for another CGM go around!

  5. How exciting! I am sorry the insertion did not go over so well. We have never done leg sites for Dex. We use arms only for Z.

    I hope you end up loving it in the end, so it will have been worth it!

  6. I'm with Lora...the LAST place my boys would pick is the leg.

    Also, I'm so out of the loop! I swear you decided against the trial. I must have missed a post somewhere!!! How in the world could that have happened???

    I hope it starts spitting out beautiful numbers soon, and I especially hope it's up and running before tonight. Good luck friend! Hoping it is the answer to your prayers!

  7. okay now you guys have just totally freaked me out for getting one and now im not really sure I want one after hearing all of this.

  8. Ouchy! I'm so sorry it didn't go well. It's all new to her where Liam has a little more experience with pod insertions.

    Elise is so tough - I know she will do fine. I would try the bum - I agree - out of sight out of mind!

    Good luck, friend!! You have a ton of support - - - use it!! I know Tracy has been using Dexie for a while now and she was my go to person for Nate's trial. Also, Lorraine over at This is Caleb has a lot of experience too!

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sending big hugs and lots of love your way from VAgr

  10. Aw, poor Elise! And poor mommy! Big hugs to you both! Those sensor insertions are actually kind of painful from what I remember of them. Part of the reason I didn't like the CGM! I hope Elise adjusts to it quickly and all goes well from here on out! Good luck with it!

  11. Just wanted to add that YOU were a total rockstar!!

    I know how hard that was to watch, but please take comfort in the fact that there are so many things you can do to make the next one easier, if you decide to stick with it.

    I'm so glad we get to do this together. :)

  12. We also use Maddisons bum. She also still hates wearing the CGM, as do I most days. Sometimes you really feel it there, sometimes not. I hope it gets better for Elise...if it doesn't, just know there are plenty of us out there that are just fine without it :) a lot of pressure in blog land!

  13. Hey...sorry the insertion didn't go too well at all. Joe is never totally "thrilled" with the insertion part of Dexter. I definitely use EMLA prior to inserting it (just wipe the site off really, really well before slapping in the sensor so the EMLA doesn't mess with your readings). We have been taking a "Dexter Break" the last few days - too much swimming, too much life, and I haven't been able to just slap in another sensor...UGH. I hope you are getting numbers now and that they are correlating!!! xoxo

  14. Oh so sorry to hear this! But she did it!!!! And you did it too - so there's a moment for you! Hang in there. I think I agree with the others who posted - the bum seems like an outta sight outta mind kind of place. Here's to lots of info and good numbers!


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