Friday, July 2, 2010

Hanging with some D-Moms

I live for fun days like Thursday. Where you can hang with other Moms who just plain ol' "get it". Who are checking BGs right alongside you, fretting over high or low numbers, force-feeding their kid a snack before they run off and play, and watching, never quite 100% relaxed, and always with one eye on their child.

Thursday, Jessica with Liam and Peyton, Laura, with Emma, Sophie and Nate, and a new Mom, Leslie, with Brady; all schlepped to my part of town for some fun open gym time, and Chick-fil-a for lunch! The kids all had a blast and so did the Moms. I wish I had taken some more pics, but this is all I got...

The gang; Nate (who didn't want to look at the camera), Laura, Emma, Sophie, Jessica, Peyton, Liam, Brady, Leslie, and Elise.

Liam and Elise, "dancing"

Awwww, best buds!

Then Elise and Liam took turns taking pics with the camera, and I found it interesting what turned up in their pictures:

Liam showing off his medical alert bracelet

A pic of Liam's juice box that he needed for a low

BG meter case, test strip and and a bloody wipe

Elise, not so happy that it was Liam's turn with the camera

Liam getting re-checked after his low

Ladies, Thursday was so much fun... can't wait to see you all again VERY SOON!


  1. Those are some good pics for such little kiddos :)

    Glad you all had fun :)

  2. Wow! A picture really is worth a thousand words!! What an awesome way to spend an afternoon!

  3. I think I'll fly down next Thursday with Jada and join you! Someday....

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  5. Hi Joanne,

    Cute pictures! We need to meet up sometime!

    Matthew is at Camp Aurora in Fort Worth. I was a little hesitant at first, but really, I have no negative things to say about it. Well....I did have to buy new socks and shoes because he got so filthy...but that's what it's all about! : )

    It's been such a great experience! He never would have tried giving himself a shot this quick!

  6. wow im so jealous of you guys that you live so close to each other than you can do meet ups . that is awesome . kuddos to you all and looks like you guys had a great time yeah !!!

  7. Oh, I'm so jealous! Having playmates that go through everything they go through is going to be so priceless for your children! We're still trying to seek out some fellow d-families in our area. Wouldn't wish this kind of thing on anyone, but having some common experiences with others is so helpful! I hope you all had a fantastic time!

  8. Love it!!! The pix are wonderful and it looks like fun, fun, fun was had by all.

    I loved getting together with other D families when Joe was younger. We don't do it as much these days. Maybe that is what I need. I am feeling burned out 4 years into this.

  9. LOVE it! Love the pics! Love the D Moms! Love Chick fil A! Count me in next week! :) (I wish)
    ps- where's the pic of you? I wanna see that baby belly!

  10. Hi Joanne! I've been pouring over your carb factor post. Excellent, I must say! I do have the salter scale and I'm doing a bit of carb factors, but still working on using it with recipes.

    ANYWAY....would you consider posting some of your carb factors? : ) Or maybe e-mailing a list to me?

    It sounds like you are so successful with this!

  11. Thank you Joanne! I didn't realize that spices had carbs. Hmmm....should have thought of that!

    Anyway, thanks again and have a great 4th!

  12. A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure.
    A faithful friend is beyond price, no sum can balance his worth.
    Sirach 6: 14-15

    Glad you have found these special moms and kids.

  13. How fun! Love all of the pictures, especially the ones taken from the kids views!


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