Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do you pray big?

I know I don't.

You know, when I actually find the time in this crazy life to pray. That is a very sad thing to write.

This past Sunday at our church, the guy who spoke (not our regular pastor), talked about praying big. He pointed out that most of us don't pray big prayers, even though we serve a big God. Then he asked us what we had going on in our lives that is big, but we had given up praying about.

And you know what came to my mind... Elise. And diabetes.

Because when she was first diagnosed, I prayed almost every minute for God to cure her. Every time I even looked at her, I asked God to take it from her and give it to me. I pleaded with Him for somebody out there to find the cure for this terrible disease.

And of course it didn't happen.

And after a while, I kind of forgot. Okay, I didn't forget, I gave up. Because I got caught up in the day-to-day-ness of diabetes. Because it seemed hopeless. I knew God could cure her, but I was positive He wasn't going to. And it kinda broke my heart.

But I was reminded on Sunday that God doesn't want us to give up. He wants us to keep knocking, keep asking, be bold, & be persistent in our prayer life.

So I'm going to. Because this prayer is important. To all of us. And I would ask if you are the praying type, would you join me? Let's pound on God's door loud and long enough that He can't help but to hear us.

And to end things on a funny note, they played this video before the sermon. It made me laugh.
And laughing is good.

Coffee with Jesus from production on Vimeo.


  1. Oh boy do I pray big and yes I have asked for some might big things and I often think man god must be tired of me really . I give him alot to worry about LOL !!! I will pray with you anytime Joanne you just keep keeping on . I love you and your family .

  2. Pray big and small! No prayer is too big and no prayer is too small for God to hear! If He can move mountains, he can cure diabetes. We may not know or understand His plans for us, but that shouldn't keep us from continuing to tell Him all of our hopes and dreams!

  3. thanks for posting the video Jo!

  4. Sometimes I forget to pray for a cure. I think for awhile I gave up praying for it. But this year I jumped back in the saddle and pray for a cure every night. He can't bless us with something we don't ask for!

  5. I hear you, Joanne. I am embarrassed to say that I'm right there with you. I'm going to do better. I LOVED the video. Funny. True.

  6. Great post, Joanne! You are so right....we can't give up praying for a cure.

    It's just that we're so busy with the routine of diabetes....our brains are already numb.

    Just recently, I was reading about the persistent widow in Luke 18. It says Jesus taught that parable to teach his disciples that they should always pray and NOT GIVE UP! Says it right there!

    So....we need to make a point of praying faithfully for a cure.

    I sure need to get better about this.....


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