Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recipes: Tzatziki

One of my favourite meals to make used to be Greek Wraps. They were so easy and yummy, I'd make them all the time. One of the key ingredients is Tzatziki Sauce. I remember wanting to make it one time after we moved to Texas, and trying to find it at a local grocery store. Make that 3 local grocery stores. One was an uber chi-chi store with all sorts of gourmet items... but no Tzatziki. Everyone we asked had never even heard of such a thing. So I set about finding a good recipe, and after a few trys, I put something together that worked. Fred tweeted about it the other day and a few people were interested in the recipe, so I thought I'd post it for you (with carb amounts for all my D-peeps!)

What you need:
*2 small to med. cucumbers
(carb factor = .022)
*2 C plain yogurt. I use the Greek variety
(carb factor = .04)
*2 tsp salt
*2 tsp minced garlic
(carb factor = .33)
*2 tsp dried (or 2 Tbsp fresh) dill weed (not worth counting the carbs)
*1 Tbsp lemon juice
*1 Tbsp olive oil

Approx. carb factor when using the above measurements = .045

To Make:
*Peel and seed cucumbers. You can either chop them into small pieces, or use a grater. Either method works, it just depends on which texture you like. Place cucumber (plus 1 tsp of the salt) in a colander to drain the excess liquid (pressing down if you need to). I usually let it sit for 15 minutes.

*Mix yogurt, garlic, salt, dill, lemon juice and olive oil in a bowl. Add cucumber when ready.

*Place in fridge and chill for at least 1 hour for everything to blend. You can serve it with all sorts of things, our favourites being chips, pita, fresh veggies, or crackers.

Why it's so great:
*So easy to make.
*Will save you money on the store-bought stuff (if you can find it!).
*Greek yogurt has a lot of protein in it.
*Kids LOVE to dip stuff
*It can be served with so many different foods as part of a main course, or it's just great for a snack.


  1. sounds delish joann I will probably take a trip to trader joes and get some of that sauce . Im sure they will have it thanks again and as I said sounds delish .

  2. YUM! I'm sitting on the couch now dreamily waiting for a waitress to come serve this too me. Sounds heavenly.


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