Thursday, July 8, 2010

So I think I'm in love...

Because I am a hormonally-charged, pregnant woman; I am allowed to change my mind at the drop of a hat, do a total 180, and proclaim my undying love for this beautiful machine.

Wanna see why?

These readings are from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm tonight, and includes her post-dinner numbers. Pretty, no?

Since we calibrated this marvelous collection of microchips and other things I don't understand, we've seen a pretty straight line; numbers from 112 with a spike only up to 260 (post bed time snack, after she fell asleep).

I love that I now know that our idea of giving her her rapid acting insulin 30 minutes before dinner stops the 7:00 pm spike.

I love that when I checked her pre-dinner number on her regular meter, there was only a 2 point difference from the CGM (the most we've seen so far is a 40 point difference and the Dexcom was the lower value).

I love that when she slept until 8:15 this morning, I could leave her knowing full well her BG was okay.

I love that I got more than 4 hours sleep last night, waking only once at 3:30 to look at the CGM, the do a quick check to make sure it was telling me the truth (it was).

I feel as giddy as a school girl with my first crush.

Of course, if it does anything to tick me off, I reserve the right to dump it's ass quicker than you can say hot flash.


  1. So glad it's going well! Quicker than you can say hot make me laugh!

  2. That's funny! Glad your in "love".
    We are a little to far off in numbers, but the trend seems to be right on. At least I know where he's going.

  3. I cannot live without Dex for my two year old. I say it is like watching the movie of his BG instead of just pictures. How much do you love the arrow!!

  4. How happy am I that you might get a little sleep before this baby is born?????

    Seriously, I'm over the moon happy!!!

    Hooray! I hope it doesn't break your heart. I'll have to come kick its butt if it lets you down!

  5. yes I hope it does not let you down as well . I love seeing people happy and yes there are alot of people love that little arrow yeah !!!

  6. Oh that made me laugh at the end. Glad you are having good numbers and trends!

  7. Glad to hear it's going so well. These are the stories that make me want to get a CGM for my daughter.

  8. Yeah for Dexie and the midnight runners!

  9. I knew you would fall in LOVE! Glad Dexie has found a place in your heart.

    Yay for sleep!

  10. how exciting!! any thing.... any little thing.. that makes this just a little bit easier is worth falling for!

  11. I'm with Meri - I am OVER THE MOON! So happy that you are happy!

  12. Oh yes! I so feel your love! We are in love, too! Dexie rocks!

  13. Yay! That extra sleep is priceless. So glad it's all working out for you guys! And HA on the hot flash comment!

  14. We're working with our insurance right now to see if we can wrangle 2 of these puppies for our girls. So happy to hear that once the adjustment period was over that everything is working the way it should. Sweet dreams to you Mama!


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