Wednesday, November 24, 2010

JDRF Awards dinner

A few weeks ago, we had our JDRF Awards dinner. Team Elise was honoured for our fund-raising efforts... the final tally for our team was over $16,000! Fred spoke, but was upstaged by Elise who got up on stage with him, then proceeded to prance and dance around the stage. I didn't know whether to laugh with everyone else or go fetch her from the stage. Laziness won out and I stayed in my seat. I didn't manage to get too many pictures, but here are some of my favourites...

Elise being... well, Elise

Having fun on stage

Liam and Elise

"Mine", she says

Oh dear, I think we may be in trouble

The "H" is a little droopy

This picture makes me smile. Love it. Love them.

Fred spoke, but Elise stole the show

JDRF Ambassadors - check out the happy couple in the front row to the right

Accepting our award. Mattias is snuggled in the wrap and if you look closely, his name tag is stuck on the outside!


  1. So GREAT!! and way to go with the fund-raising!! GOOOO TEAM!!

    LOVED the pics and every time I see Elise I just can't believe how big she is...time just flys! oh and super adorable :)

  2. Congrats! The pics are awesome - love those smiling faces - gorgeous!

  3. Congrats on the fundraising - that's marvelous! What great pictures too and Elise would steal any show that she was in - what a cutie!!!

  4. Awesome pics - congrats on the fundraising, wow! Love the pics of Elise and Liam. SO CUTE!

  5. Adorable! Love the young romance pics!

  6. Whoa!! 16,000 - neat!
    Love the photos.

  7. Best. Pictures. Ever. :) Our kids are too stinkin' cute. I think next year, they should ask them to MC. That'd be fun. :)

  8. wow way to go! Sooo cute and her bf! Lol

  9. What fun...and I love her little guy to hug!

  10. Great pictures. :D
    Your family has so much to be proud of. Wow. Great work, raising money, raising your family...

    Kudos. Thanks for sharing.

  11. those pictures are great! Looks like you had a wonderful time. We have ours on Tuesday. I know what I will be blogging about after that! lol

  12. These pictures are so great! I hope Fred gets used to Elise upstaging him. As amazing as Fred is...Elise is a firecracker!

  13. Three cheers for Team Elise! Way to go! Thank you!

    Enjoyed all of the photos! :)


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