Friday, November 5, 2010

Please come back to us Eileen

She was only with us a few short months, but we quickly came to love and depend on Eileen. She was our eyes when we couldn't see. Our ears when we couldn't hear. And saved our butts more times than I can count. Sure her whining grew tiresome at times, especially in the middle of the night. But as scarce as sleep is around here, I would give up a week's worth just to see her arrows and numbers once again.

Eileen left us tonight at 9:23 pm CST admidst beeps and shutdowns and failure messages. She gave us one final message: Err Code: 16R0F2D93c. I just wish I knew what it

Okay, I'm sort of trying to be funny here, but this really, really sucks. And because I seemed to have pissed off the universe in some way, Dexcom shipping is shut down for the weekend and they won't be able to send us a new receiver until Tuesday.

I foresee a lot of sleepless nights in our future...


  1. Eileen took off to be with Dex...think they are eloping. Whenever I ask him how things are going, he just looks at me with ???.

    Hope you get a new friend soon...E2?

  2. My condolences. Hope her replacement gets to you quickly.

    BTW, I'm Deanna (jaxmom) and I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Awww- Come on, Eileen!

    My sympathies. I would be in a deep depression if Dexie took off on us. I hope you have awesome numbers while you wait for Eileen Jr.

    What's this sleep thing you speak of?

  4. So sorry ... I have studied Dexcom and spoken with them many times (they are near us - in San Diego).I KNOW E2 will be Fed-X'd to you Monday ..they are a wonderful, caring company! (Wish I'd bot stock at the IPO!)

  5. OH NO! That stinks!!!! So sorry! Good luck this weekend! Also, thanks for your comment on my 22 weeks post, I definitely wish you could go register with me. :)

  6. Yes that so stinks !! I hope you meet another one soon .

  7. Ugh.

    We had that within the first week of our trial and we had to wait the weekend too which I found utterly annoying since they would not extend our trial period. You will be okay - it's like riding a bike. You can get through the next few days without the net, I know it!

  8. Amen sista on the no sleep thing. When Dexter isn't working correctly or throwin' those stupid ???. I can hardly close my eyes without fear learking under the eyelids...Good luck to ya and keep your chin up, you probably know more about her trends than you think!!! ((hugs))

  9. Joanne received an email yesterday evening from Carrie (aka Life Saver) in Keller (about 30 minutes from us) who saw this post and offered the CGM they were just about to ship back to Dexcom (stopped beeping, only vibrates when an alarm goes off).
    Joanne drove to Keller late last night (I was going to go but she wanted to meet Carrie) to get it and we were back to normal at 1:50 AM (it takes 2-3 hours for the CGM to start working).
    Life is "good" again :^)
    Thanks so much, Carrie!!!

  10. AAAAKKK! DEX has joined Eileen!!!!
    Just got the huge exclamation mark and different error code...really???
    New one getting FedExd out tomorrow.

  11. Eek, the same thing just happened to me. My Dexcom has been a life saver for the last 6 months, now I am leaving on a week long business trip tomorrow and of course it dies tonite with the 16R0F2D93c error. They are shipping me a new one tomorrow, but of course, I won't have it until I get home from my trip. It is amazing how much we learn to depend on these little devices.

  12. I just received the same error message on mine... ironically, Saturday night and yes the net is missed greatly!


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