Monday, November 1, 2010

Things I learned about Diabetes this month... October edition

-It's important that we let Elise be a kid first and a kid with diabetes second. This month that meant sending her off to pre-school in the morning two days a week. It meant trusting that the teacher and other staff will take care of her in the way she needs. And when they have a party at school with all sorts of yummy, sugary treats... I will let Elise partake in the fun and deal with the ensuing crazy BGs afterwards. It was hard to see that 220 and the single arrow up during a time when she's pretty much always in the low 100s, but at least it wasn't double arrows up, right?

-When we see either double arrows up or down on Eileen, we can be pretty sure a tantrum is imminent. A friend of mine who is type 1 said it's not the highs or the lows that are hard on her, it's the fast rise or drops in her BG that makes her feel awful. It seems it's the same for Elise.

-Halloween is a beating. And my child is obsessed with candy. Ergo, Halloween is a beating. I'm not sure why Elise would love to roll around naked in a vat full of chocolate; we've never forbidden her from having any. I guess she has inherited my love of the sugary nectar o' the gods. All she wanted to do all day on Halloween was eat candy. And she was very upset at the fact that we were going to hand out our candy to other kids. We're working on the concept of sharing.

-Used syringes are good for picking up the crumbs that fall into the keyboard of your laptop. Namely, small pieces of caramel corn.


  1. Ahhh...nice tip on the used syringes - LOL.

    I am so glad that she is enjoying pre-school and I think you are right on the whole quick rise or drop affecting their moods and behaviors. I definitely see it in Joe.

    Tell Elise to enjoy her candy!!! Joe just had a snack of a little Hershey bar after school.

  2. I love your attitude for school. She's going to be fine. And there are always going to be struggles - the regular ones and to add to your fun, the d-ones.

  3. Syringes are quite useful for a whole host of things! Keyboard cleaning is a good one!

    I'm glad Elise gets to partake. Kid first for sure. You got a good head on your shoulders Mom. :)

  4. I keep telling you girls, you've GOT TO POST a

    !!!!!!BEVERAGE ALERT!!!!!!



  5. lol keyboard cleaner!!

    It is a huge step to send her off to school and you're all doing beautifully.

    As for the candy thing: my kid traded away all her almond joys because she thought she didn't like them. Then she had a bite of mine. Now she regrets trading them all away!

  6. I am so glad you are letting Elise go to preschool! I am sure she must love it. :-)

    Definitely see the same thing with quick BG changes. I HATE double arrows in either direction!


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