Sunday, October 31, 2010


Another Halloween has come and gone, and yes, D reared it's stupid, ugly head. But I just pretty much ignored it. I figured one night off couldn't be a bad thing. And just to add to the fun, Eileen has decided to shrug her shoulders and give us the ??? for the last 3 hours. Terrific.

Anyway, here's some pics of our little Halloweenies!

Check out the size of that pumpkin!

Mattias in his Halloween shirt (a present from Megann)

My lil pumpkin

One day he's going to be so mad at me for doing this to him

The princess and the pumpkin

Go Rangers (yeah, I know...)

Ready to trick or treat!

This guy tricked out the walkway to his front door... the sign says "Welcome to the Insane Asylum. Wait, I thought that was MY house

Waiting for the candy

Elise, Mattias and I... you don't want to know how many people ask me if I'm STILL pregnant while wearing this wrap. People, that's a FREAKING 7 week old baby in there. Come on!

All this snuggling wears me out

Happy Halloween... and GOOD NIGHT!


  1. Ahhhh....I LOVED wearing my babies :)

    Such cuties and a night full of memories in the making :)

  2. Love your wrap!

    AND,yes Mattias is going to kill you for the oversized, stuffed, pumpkin pic - LOL. He is so cute in that thing.

    Elise is adorable. I hope you guys had a great night. We sure did. A rough w/e, but a great night TOTing.

    I hate diabetes too!

  3. OHhhhhh... THE BABY (Mattias)! He is a jewel! OMIgosh...if you get tired of him and he can come and live with his "Auntie Pam" , Elise, too!

  4. I have that same green Moby... and I just happened to be snuggling an almost 4-month old on Halloween night in it too!

  5. Great pictures!!! Loved the huge backpack you took along in the wagon! :)


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