Tuesday, October 26, 2010

School report card

Can I just say that I LOVE Elise's pre-school? Not only have they been so accomodating to us, but have gone out of their way to help us out.

Fisrt off, Elise's teacher (who is type 2), printed up a slip of paper that she writes Elise's pre-snack BG, how many carbs she ate, as well as her pre-playground and post-playground numbers on. She then gives it to us at the end of class so we know exactly what went on with Elise's BG while she was away from us. Her teacher did this completely on her own and with NO promting from us!

Then, as I was dropping off Elise today, the teacher pointed out the Mom who is bringing snacks for the Fall Party on Thursday (more on that in a second). I needed to know a bit more info on what she was bringing.

The mom described what the snacks were, and then APOLOGETICALLY said, "I know, they're pretty carb-heavy... I'm sorry."

Holy crap-on-a-stick, did she really just say that? Turns out she had gestational diabetes and her FIL has diabetes as well (not sure which type). She then said she would be happy to bring something with fewer carbs. Wow.

Here is my delimma about the Fall Party. The school usually gives the kids their snack at 10:00. The party is at 11:00, during which they will get another snack (what the mom is bringing). As you may know, Elise is on NPH, which lets her have a 15g uncovered snack at around 10:30 (on school days we just let her eat a bit early), then she has to eat lunch pretty much at noon (right after school is over), when the NPH is in full effect (the downside is the strict schedule, the upside is one less shot).

Sooo, what do I do? My thought is to let her have a carb-free snack at 10:00 (so she doesn't feel left out at snack time), then go up to the school and try to figure out the carbs in the party snacks. The hard part is, 11:00 is really too close to lunch and it will make the rest of her numbers so screwy. Plus the snacks (Halloween chex mix, pigs in a blanket, and rice krispies) are bound to send her BG through the roof. I think like most of what I do, I'll just have to wing it and give my best WAG.

This new chapter in our lives has us looking at our pump options. We always said we didn't mind the strict schedule of NPH as long as it worked for us. Well, it's starting to not work. Unfortunately, when we inquired about pump classes we were told there isn't any availabiblty until March. Looks like I'm going to have to get a bit pushy.

I guess our next step is to pick which pump is right for us. That should be easy... NOT!


  1. I'm so happy to hear that things are going great at pre-school!!

    what to do what to do...I think just go with what you think will work best for you :)and if she is a little HIGH one day for a few hours well then that's just too darn bad...boo to diabetes and yum to special snacks :)

    We were on NPH for a while because of the less shot thing and we found it way to difficult with her in school and numbers were everywhere. good luck!! and you don't have to wait for pump class to change insulin...just a thought :)

  2. I'm so glad to read that school is turning out to be a great experience for ALL of you. How cool!
    Can't offer any advice but I'm sure you will do what's best.

  3. Yay for a great school!!

    When Bryce was first diagnosed, he was on nph...I hated it! I never did well with the strict schedule. Anyhow, my question is, if she doesn't get her 15g snack at 10-10:30, will that make her go low? What about giving her her dose a half hour or hour later so that snack/lunch would fall during the party time?

    As for pumping, LOVE it, especially for little ones who can be unpredictable in their eating habits. Bryce has been on the Animas Ping for a year and a half now. The remote feature rocks! Anyhow, I know some endos will make you do basal/bolus MDI (lantus/novolog) before pumping because it is more like the way the pump works. Unfortunately that is more shots. Anyhow, best of luck getting what you want.

  4. Oh welcome to school age - it all gets thrown to the wind dear Joanne! I say yes to the carb-free snack at 10, then carb-guessing the party carb fest that it will be. Numbers may be wacky and she might have a cupcake for lunch, but she will be just another kid at the party that way :0)

  5. I TOTALLY agree with Penny --- she is wise!! Sometimes they just need to be kids --- not T1 kids. :)

  6. Elise's school experience so far sounds like it couldn't be better, and I am so happy that so many people involved are so knowledgeable!


    I totally feel your pain with the strict schedule.

    I say let the feasting begin! Check her 2 hours after that last bite and then take it from there :)

    Is it possible to skip snack that day since the PARTAY will take care of all that?

  8. Wait. Did you say, PUMP? Look at you getting all pumped up! (I know, that was a bad one!)

    Elise's school rocks. Her teacher rocks. I'm so happy this is working out for you all!!

  9. Yes welcome to the school years everything you have done up to this point is now thrown out the window at least for us it was . My son was constantly being sent home whenever there was a party or being asked to be kept home in a note from teacher at his school , I hated that .

  10. I am so glad that school is working out so well for you guys Jo!

    Yep...what Penny and the crew said, let her enjoy the party...and deal with the aftermath of the glucoaster that will ensue.

    Joe only did MDI for 3 months...I cannot imagine having to work in school and parties on shots. I admire your openess to the new phase your life may be entering. If you ever have a question on the Animas Pump, I'd be happy to share our experiences.

  11. I agree... let her run a little high that day if need be-- don't want her to feel left out.

    Can you do a carb-free or at least really low carb lunch? My DD likes to make a "free plate" of pepperoni, cheeses, and salad from time to time. That might help balance things out a bit.

  12. Just had to commment on the pump. I am on the omnipod and I LOVE it. I hate needles and I hate injecting them myself (hence, I hate the insertion of the CGM), but with the omnipod, you just push a button on the PDM (the remote for the pump) and it automatically inserts it for you (and you never see the needle). The pod itself is kind of bulky but at least there isn't any tubing. I guess all pumps have some sort of trade off.


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