Friday, October 1, 2010

Things I learned about Diabetes this month... September edition

-For the Dexcom, when the transmitter pops out of the sensor, you can pop it back in without the little tab thingy. Though the readings for the next day or so will be a little wonky. At least it was for us.

-Seeing that little grey transmitter lying on the floor will cause you to completely freak out if you don't know the above information. Especially if the sensor was just put on the day before and your husband is out of town for the next three days. That last part will freak you out because you have yet to insert a sensor due to the fact that you are a big, fat chicken.

-When all you know is diabetes, and you have another child, you will automatically act like that child has diabetes too. Meaning, you will wonder where you gave him his last shot. Or think it weird when you look at his leg and don't see a CGM sensor.

-Keeping a syringe (sans needle) handy is a good thing. Especially when your child is low during a nap or at night and said child has not learned to DWA (drink while asleep). We usually feed Elise bananas for a low, but the other day she was having a VERY stubborn low while napping. After the banana did nothing to raise her BG, I tried to give her juice, but she wouldn't drink and I couldn't wake her up enough to drink either. Eileen kept beeping LOW (the "you are below 55 alarm" LOW), but a finger poke showed 65, so I wasn't panicking, but I knew I had to do something because her BG was falling, even after the banana. So I got one of the syringes that came with an antibiotics rx, filled it up with the juice and squirted it into her mouth... worked like a charm!

-People's generosity and dedication will amaze you when you see over 85 people gathered to walk in honour of your daughter on one of the ugliest weather days in recent memory. Especially when you hear that 65 people were also walking at the same time over in Portugal. And the over $14,000 raised? Just icing on the cake.


  1. What a heartwarming experience to have so many people walk in honor of Elise.

    I love that you squirted juice into her mouth. Sometimes, we D mamas need to get creative. :) We used to do that with Jack after he was first diagnosed and couldn't/wouldn't drink in his sleep. Those syringes are a great little tool.

  2. You're doing an amazing job....keep up the great work!

  3. You crack me up...there are definitely things I let TJ be in charge of, too. Glad all ended up fine.
    I feel the same way about having one child with d and the other not, sometimes I have to remind myself "Stop counting Ethan's food...we don't need to know the carb count." Such weird habits to have, right?!

  4. I so hear you and yes you crack me up . You are so funny !!! I love ya girl take care of that beautiful and wonderful family of yours .

  5. The syringe idea is genius! I'm so impressed with your walk team! It is a blessing to have so many people understand, and want to help anyway they can!


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