Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walk to Cure Diabetes 2010

So... only a month later and I'm finally getting around to posting the pics from our walk.

I can't say much about the event, because I only showed up for the last 30 minutes... when the skies really opened up and the rain poured down. Thankfully, it only drizzled for the majority of the walk. I am so proud and amazed of the great job Fred did making Team Elise as successful as it was. I am also moved beyond words by the 85+ people that showed up despite the inclimate weather, and the over $14,000 that has been raised so far. Want to hear an interesting fact? Team Elise had three sets of twins walking with us this year. Actually, it was 3 1/2 since one girl's twin wasn't able to be there...

And let's not forget the incredible job our friend Tiago did in Portugal. They had over 65 walkers, some of them related to Fred, but most of them have no direct connection to Elise... how cool is that? Plus Fred informs me that three of the walkers were also Type 1 diabetics.

Without further ado, here are some pics of both the North Texas and Lisbon walks:

North Texas:

Wagon ride with Grandma Cheryl

Running with Poppa (yes, that is his Ipad that he's holding)

Elise and Grandma Teresa

More running!


Our friends and walkers:

Most of Team Elise in the POURING rain

Lisbon, Portugal:

Our friend, Tiago, who organized the walk in Portugal

Wishing we had this at our walk!

Their weather was beautiful

And the location was pretty nice too

Team Elise Portugal


  1. OK...the Portugal WALK looked AMAZING. You would have showed up for the whole thing with those massage baby an all - LOL.

    Great pix Joanne. I love how "sassy" Elise looked in that one "solo" picture. She is just as cute as can be. I hope she is still enjoying preschool.

    Love to you and the fam.

  2. Great pictures Joanne! And wow $14,000!!!
    LOVED the "sassy" picture of Elise :)

  3. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "dual team thing" :) THAT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!!

    Awesome pics :) Elise is so stinkin' cute!

  4. So AWESOME!!
    Elise is such a cutie pie.

  5. Beautiful people walking for a beautiful cause! Congrats on the huge success of your walks!

  6. WOW! Great pictures! Im so proud of Team Elise!

  7. Hi Joanne. My name is Carrie Carson. My son (who will be two in November) was diagnosed with Type 1 back in April. I found Laura's blog through Meri (the great D-mom blog connector) and then Laura sent me over to your blog. I live in Keller.
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog. It is so comforting know that I'm not the only crazy mama chasing numbers at all hours of the day and night. Laura mentioned that the two of you get together ocassionally. I'd love to join you sometime. It would be wonderful to meet you in person. My email is
    Thanks for sharing the details of a crazy diabetic life on your blog. It's great to know I'm not alone.
    ps...FANTASTIC job on the walk. So very cool!


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