Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Quick Questions

I know this is my second post today, but I have two questions for all the pros out there:

First, those of you on MDI (or remember when you were) do you find you find the insulin is less/more effective depending on which site you use? The reason I ask is because we just started using Elise's tummy, and it seems when we use this site, the insulin is more potent and we experience lows.

Number two: We just got an email that a student at Elise's pre-school was diagnosed with hand, Foot and Mouth disease. He goes on a different day, but is in the same room. We called Elise's teacher and she assured us that they wipe everything down at night, and make the kids wash their hands before and after snack time as well as after they use they playground (and the bathroom, of course), but I'm wondering if we should send her tomorrow.

If you read my last post, we had pretty much decided we were going to send her despite her crazy numbers, but this latest issue may have changed my mind.

What do you guys think? Am I just being way to over-protective? The last thing we need is an illness around here.


  1. With a tiny baby at home, I would be hesitant to send her knowing about the hand foot and mouth. It is so highly contagious and is contagious before the blisters appear that someone else might be carrying it and not know.

    When Bekah was on MDI, we were told that insulin absorbs slower below the waist than above. We almost always did arms for meals and thighs for Lantus. We would also use her thigh for pizza and it seemed to be more effective. I hope that helps!

    Good luck with this big step! You are doing great!!

  2. My 2cents....Don't send her! Just because I know how bad HFM disease can be. Lily and I had it while I was pregnant with Leo. It is honestly one of the worst things I've ever been through just because the mouth blisters are so painful. And it's incredibly contagious! I wouldn't risk it.

    As for the crazy numbers....once the HFM disease has run its course, then I think it would be okay to send Elise, as long as they have procedures in place and will call you whenever there's a question. The routine of school might actually help even her numbers out and calm them down.

    Whatever you do, good luck!

  3. How long does that gunk take to show up?? I am pretty good about kicking my kids out the door, but I might even wait to see if anyone else in the class gets it. I know they have "procedures" in place... but you never know.

    See what the incubation period is on it. And go from there.

  4. The fat in the site area changes EVERYTHING. Arms and absorb WAY faster than butts. Chubby tummies absorb much slower than lean ones. I would make sure to give her a butt shot on the days she goes to school.

    My boys had HFM. It wasn't great...but it wasn't that awful either. I'm sure everyone is affected differently. Sending her? That is a tough one. I'm going to go with my prayer answer. :) Is that a cop out, or is it genius?

  5. I wouldn't send her! Addison had HFM and it was pretty darn awful. We thought he had swine flu at first!! It is VERY contagious and I think I would wait and make sure it isn't circulating around the class before I would feel ok about sending her in.

    I don't have anything helpful to say about the site..we always used Addison's butt and every once in a while a leg..very rarely the belly since he has no fat there. I don't recall noticing a big difference though when we used a site other than the butt.

    Good luck!!

  6. I'm not sure if I'm too late on giving my opinion for this post but YES just like Meri I have heard that different site areas absorb differently.

    Also I'm not sure about sending her, Hand and foot can get pretty ugly but on the other hand she is going to be exposed to sooooo many germs (not to freak you out) when do you draw the line. Also I believe (not sure) but I believe that hand and foot has an incubation period just like chicken pox but I'm not sure. Good luck with your decision!!

  7. YES, the tummy site was always more potent for my DD's insulin shots. I intentionally used that site when she was high because I knew the insulin would "kick in" faster there.

    As for sending your daughter... I think I'd keep her home. Her immune system is dealing with enough already, and your stress level is going to keep climbing if you're worried about looking for HFM symptoms on top of the crazy blood sugars. BUT... I certainly wouldn't fault you if you decide to send her, either. You know what's best for your family!

  8. I don't know if it's different with children than it is with adults - but when I was on MDIs my endo told me that the abdomen has the best absorption rate. He said legs were second best and arms didn't have very good absorption. Hope that helps.

  9. Yes, the site definitely changes your numbers! Especially on the tummy area (where absorption was always the highest on me)! It still makes a difference in my pump site changes. I have no clue about the other stuff. :)

  10. okay well my belly is always cause for potency and super related lows so there you have it from me . and also since no one is typically certain what the incub period for the hand foot mouth thing I would not send her and you also have a tiny one at home which could contract it as well . Nope dont send her is my vote for what it is worth .


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