Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Husband of the Year

And no, I'm not speaking sarcastically like I do when I go and do something stupid and award myself the "Mom of the Year" award.

About a week ago, when I had that awful day and emotionally vomited all over Fred about it, he strongly suggested that I needed to set some time aside for myself every week or so and be able to get away with a friend or two and just have fun. In the throes of my pity party I cried, "but I have nobody to hang out with!"

Which isn't exactly true, but it is mostly true... like I've read on most of your blogs, we too have lost a lot of our friends and support after Elise's dx.

Then he suggested Laura and Jessica, who I do consider my friends, in fact... they are they best, most fun, lovely, wonderful ladies to hang out with. I just know with everything going on in their lives, it's hard for them to get away.

Then Fred made the suggestion that almost had me rolling on the floor laughing... what if he looked after all the kids one evening so we could all get away? Let me run this down for you:

That would be a total of 7 kids. Under the age of 7. And 3 of those kids have diabetes. And 2 are on pumps (which Fred has no idea how to work). 3 of them are in diapers and 1 baby who is only a month old and depends solely on Momma for nourishment.

So I laughed and I laughed, and he told me he was serious. So he emailed Laura and Jessica. And they laughed. And the three of us laughed together. Then he suggested Monday and pretty much set the whole thing up. Jessica's idea was that we should get some frozen yogurt and come back to the house to watch the show through a window.

Long story short, last night the three of us did get together. We did go out for frozen yogurt. And we stayed away for almost two wonderful hours while Fred stayed back at Laura's house and wrangled 5 kids (Jessica's husband was at home with her 2). When we came back, the kitchen was clean, the kids were in their pjs, and everyone was still alive with all limbs attached, and Mattias was asleep.

Before we left, Fred suggested to Laura we do this on a weekly basis. And Laura and I laughed. And Fred told us he was serious.


P.S. Isn't my husband incredible???


  1. LUCKY YOU! I am so glad the three of you could get out together! What a WONDERFUL husband!

  2. That is AWESOME! Yes, he definitely deserves husband of the year! Even just suggesting it and being sincere about it is great in my book - I'm glad you got to have some momma time!

  3. That is awesome. So glad you guys took him up on it! And even better that he wants you to do it again, and again, and again. congrats!!

  4. Oh, I love your husband, Joanne! What an incredibly awesome, fantastically wonderful man he is for suggesting that break and forcing you two to go out and enjoy yourselves! I say give him a super-big hug from the DOC community! And if he's willing to take on that challenge again, you should definitely take advantage of it! Not only is it good for him, but it's wonderful for your children...it teaches them what a real man is supposed to be like!

  5. I'm pretty sure he is super human.

    How blessed are you to have a husband who "gets it." Who KNOWS the mental toll of diabetes and young children?

    God bless you Fred. You are a hero. An example to all husbands in the DOC and beyond!

  6. You aren't going to post tomorrow that this was just a dream you had, right?

    That is completely AWESOME!!

    He is amazing.

  7. OMG. Hero. And amazing husband. And apparently Superman too. He is fab-u-lous!!!

  8. WHAT A GUY!!!!!!!! Love hubbies like that :)

    My husband sent Kris (Sugar Bugs) and I out to get pedicures -- which left him with SIX girls, 2 of which had both D and Celiac.

    Yup. Love these awesome men for sure :)

  9. Holy crap... that is AWESOME and funny all at the same time. I am impressed. Hubby of the year... FOR SURE!

    You snagged yourself a keeper :)


  11. Way to go FRED!! HOW AWESOME!!! Can I move closer and get in on this... he can brian can switch off weekly times:)

  12. Wow!!! What a wonderful man you have! I'm thinking of moving closer so I can get in on this action :)

  13. What a wonderful guy you have there! :)

  14. All I can say is AMAZING!! oh and I'm so jealous!!



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