Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We did it!

After reading everyone's advice, and a call to Elise's doctor, we decided to send her for her first day of pre-school. The clincher? When she cried after we told her she wasn't going to school this morning. Yeah, she has us wrapped around her little finger.

She did amazing and never even looked back when we left her. I, on the other hand bawled like a baby.

Diabetes-wise, everything was okay... she has been high since yesterday, and remained high throughout the morning. Even this afternoon we're having trouble bringing her down. But high is better than the alternative.

Right before I woke up, I had a dream that her BG was 742 and her ketones were 9. Can you tell I was a bit stressed about the whole situation?

The best part? She absolutely LOVED it. She told me her favourite part was cleaning up, and she made lots of new friends one of which she danced with. And I got to spend some unhurried snuggle time with Mattias. I think I could get used to this sending-her-to-school thing!

Check out these cute pics of Elise:

Come on Mom... let's go!

My little pre-schooler

Does she look ready?

Now she's not so sure


  1. Great Pictures!!! So excited for her (and you too!) Wish I was brave enough to send Alivia to pre-school!

  2. Oh my...she is adorable!! I have to say, preschool is so great for kids - most of them really enjoy it and I know Adam would be heartbroken not to be able to go. Glad she had a great first day!

  3. She's so beautiful! Great job sending her off and getting some precious moments with your wee one.
    enjoy it all :)

  4. wonderful I'm soooo happy to hear that she had a great day!!

    and my Gosh she is a doll and soooo old :)

  5. Congratulations!! This will be a good thing for you, for her, and for your sweet little one who will get a little solo-mommy-time. Enjoy!!

  6. She looks like such a big girl!!!! I feel like I've watched her grow as if I was living next door....such a beauty. Congrats on her 1st day of school!!!!

    This is going to be SO AWESOME for both of you. She's going to LOVE it :)

  7. I am so glad to hear it went well!

  8. YEP! That sending them to school thing is wonderful :)Glad she loved it. She looks so cute!

  9. Love that pic...where it says "does she look ready?"...TOTALLY. She looks so grown up to me Joanne. (((HUGS)) I know it had to be difficult, but it sounds like you enjoyed the time with Mattias once the two of you were left alone together.

    YAY for Elise! Yay for Elise!!!

    Tell her that her that her American Portuguese Auntie says "HI" and to have fun in school!!! School is COOL!

  10. She's absolutely adorable! And she looks like she doesn't have a single diabetes care in the world!

    Hope the numbers balance out a bit as the novelty wears off - don't want you having more nightmares ;)


  11. WHAT a little charmer !! She's got me charmed! Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures.

  12. Oh, she is adorable! That second to the last picture....I get that look from Lily all the time! Pure sassiness! I'm so glad it all went well! Even if her numbers did stay high.

  13. CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH! It's such a huge step and it looks like you both handled it beautifully. I agree she looks so grown up in those pics!

  14. I love her hair back like that! I knew her day would be a huge success!

    Really proud of you, I know this was hard for you! You did it!

  15. Hooray! I am so glad it went well. She looks so grown up!

  16. What a big girl! She is so adorable.
    Glad she loved her day


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