Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why I love the DOC

Is it weird that I feel closer to the people living in my computer than some of the real live breathing people in my life?

Maybe it's because you get me.

Maybe it's because we live very similar lives.

I know it's because you guys have my back no matter what happens.

When Eileen gasped her final beep on Friday night, I had resigned myself to the fact that we had to wait 4 rather long days for a replacement. That's when Carrie swooped in and saved the day.

If you haven't met Carrie yet, you should head on over to her blog. Her now 2 year old son was dx about 6 months ago. Before last night, we had never met, just exchanged an email or two. When she read my post about our CGM kicking the bucket, she sent me an email saying we could use an extra receiver they happened to have. They live about 20 minutes from us, so I hopped in the car to get it.

So now we are up and running until we receive our replacement on Tuesday, and I am so thankful. I know we could have made do without it... we lived with D for almost two years before Eileen came along.

But I liken it to being blind. And then for a glorious period of time you are able to see, and you are amazed at everything you've been missing. And then, without warning, your sight is taken away from you, and while you lived before without being able to see, you know know what it's like to have sight, and you miss it terribly.

That 24+ hour period without Eileen was hard. Static numbers are hard. Not knowing is hard. Thanks to Carrie and John for making it easier for us!


  1. oh wow so glad it has worked out after all and yes thank god for carrie .

  2. OK, now that is cool AND man you have a great network of PEEPS to be able to pull that off Girl Friend!

    Glad you aren't living "blind". What are we naming the new receiver? Eileen #2???

  3. That is seriously awesome. Only a D-mama could know how much that means to you!!

  4. That is tremendous!! So glad she was able to help you out! We get our CGM next week and I'm anxious to see how things change.

  5. So awesome! Yes, it is definitely like being blind. Since I have had the CGM, I can't stand not having it! So glad you got that stand-in receiver! Awesome! :)

  6. My husband always teases me when I talk about you you are my pretend friends or something!

  7. Yay!! Carrie is awesome! Hooray for the DOC family. :)

  8. So awesome that you were able to get another receiver (and that you got to meet another Dmama!)

    Tonight I was just telling my hubby how I feel so much closer to the people online than to my old friends who have seemed to have disappeared since D. He said it made sense to him. It is cuz you all get it. Thanks for that!

  9. DOC Awesomeness strikes again! It's always just a moment (keyboard stroke or mouse click) away!

  10. What a great story! SO nice of them! Gotta love the DOC!

  11. HI! I'm a friend of Carrie's and hopped over to your blog from hers. You're right, she IS awesome. In every way.

    When I read your first line about feeling closer to people on your computer then in real life... I wanted to say "Thank You". Because ya'll in the diabetic community have given a bit of that to Carrie, something I can't do myself. And something I'm so grateful she has to go to. So, thank you. Ya'll deserve all the love and support you need from the people that really, truly understand your day to day struggles and triumphs while caring for your special little guys and gals!


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