Saturday, November 13, 2010

Maybe if I ask nicely...

Dear Diabetes,

I wonder, do you have a pact with the universe to bring it at the most inopportune times? To kick us when we're down? Do you see us in difficult situations, call up the universe on his cell phone and tell him, "it's go time!"

Because that's what it seems like to me. Realistically, there's never really a good time to deal with you when you decide to rear your butt-ugly head. But really, some times are better than others.

Like, why do you decide to crash Elise's BG while I'm nursing and alone? Kinda hard to treat a low BG while you have a baby attached to your boob. And do you know what happens when you pull the baby off in the middle of you milk letting down? Milk shower for everyone... YAY!

Or take for example the other night... it's just me, all by my lonesome, and it's time for Elise's BG check, snack and shot. Mattias also needs to eat and is getting quite fussy. So I check her BG, make her snack, prepare her shot, then settle down to feed Mattias while she eats. For some reason, she decides to get upset about something, drop her yogurt all over the carpet and then start to scream. Which freaks out Mattias; he stops feeding and starts to cry. Then spits up all over me and the sofa. And then refuses to feed.

Meanwhile, I have no idea how much of her yogurt Elise has eaten, how much is now on my carpet, how how many carbs I need to replace. Seriously... do you find situations like these humourous?

Or how about this past Friday... date night. I use the term "date night" rather loosely since dragging 2 kids and three bags o' crap to dinner with you, is in no way a date. But it's okay, because someone else is doing the cooking.

So why, 30 minutes after dinner, is Elise's CGM telling us her BG is 48 with double arrows down? And why while we're driving? Do you know how hard it is to check a BG while in a moving car? Of course you do... that's why it happened this way. And why, after stuffing 20g of smarties and fruit snacks in her, does the CGM still read LOW with a slanting downwards arrow? And why won't Mattias stop SCREAMING?

Look, all I'm asking for is a bit of a break. I'm tired. I'm beaten down. I'm stressed and I'm sad and I'm struggling. I just need you to go sit in the corner and behave for a bit, okay? Please?

Thank you for your attention in this matter.



  1. Put D in a time-out!
    He really is naughty and has bad timing.
    Hope he learns to behave!


  2. ugh...i hear ya! Diabetes never seems to throw those ugly lows into the mix when everything else is calm and easy...drives me crazy! you are a SuperWoman though for handling everything that you do! HUGS!

  3. OK...I feel like I was living it with you. Great descriptors Jo!!! The milk spewing, the yogurt...the kids both screaming at the same time...ARGHH!

    I am into some corporal punishment for "d"...I think Denise is letting him ("D") off easy. He needs a good old fashioned SPANKING!!!

    Love you and Happy WDD Jo!!!!

  4. Geez...I cant imagine. If I was near you I'd be moving in and giving you a great big break!! ((HUGS))

  5. AMEN! Every time we are running a little behind and I think, "Hey, we just might make it on time" something ALWAYS goes wrong...a pod falls of, a beeping CGM, a return trip to pick up the bottle of test strips I left on the kitchen counter. Seriously, why do these things happen at the worst possible times???

  6. Oh maaaaan. Diabetes can effing suck it.

  7. Oh, sweetie, you deserve a break! I nursed all three of my kids, and I remember all too well how difficult it was to balance the needs of a new baby with those of one (and then two) toddlers. I can only imagine how challenging it is to have D thrown into the mix. Hang in there!


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