Monday, July 18, 2011

The Accidental Pancreas

Accidental Pancreas. Sounds like a band name, doesn't it? With such hits like, "Sputtering", or "Where have all the Beta Cells Gone?"

Actually, the accidental pancreas is me. The job was dropped into my lap when my 12 month old daughter's pancreas up and quit; leaving no forwarding address.

I didn't want it then.

I still don't want it.

It's a horrible, horrible job with crappy hours and
sucky pay (but oh my, the benefits are grand).

If I could have had my choice as any organ, I would have picked the appendix. It just sits there, doing nothing and with no apparent job.


I'd like to say I'm good at my job.

Some days I am.

Other days? Not so much.

But like it or not, it's still my job. So on any given day, you will find this Accidental Pancreas rockin' out to "Baby you can Count my Carbs".

Boppin' along with "Prick my Finger one more Time"

Wailin' the lyrics to "I love Insulin"

And strumming my my guitar to "Me and my Dexcom down by the schoolyard."

Anybody else want to jam with me?


  1. I am so totally up for rocking out with you! Already humming along to the titles in my head!
    Yep, sucky job, but I'l do it day in and day our for those benefits! :)

  2. Bwahahaha! I am totally jammin' to "Baby prick my finger one more time!" Love that.

    I am sucking as a pancreas lately. Dreading the endo tomorrow. I already figured out his A1C, and it has NOT gone down. Ugh.

  3. What a fun post. Total chart topper.

  4. I'd jam with you anyday! I think if I had a choice I'd be the gall, ummm...hmmm. Maybe I don't want to apply anymore!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful!

    my son has been all over the place lately (trying to figure out why is making me nuts)

    not doing a good job as a pancreas lately myself..

  6. Elise is sooo cute!!! And I love you wwith your guitar. So bad ass :)

  7. I think you should play us an actual tune from that list! Ya know...if you're not too busy or something... :) Your daughter is so stinking cute!

  8. Oh my gosh you are such a hoot . I love your whole family . I would sit down and jam with you anyday of the week girl . You rock on !!!

  9. Oh, I be jammin with ya fo 'sho!!! I will add in my mad skilz as a horn player and we can take that band on the road! Grab Denise as the lead singer, add reyna with her cowbells and xylophone. Cracking me up, my dear.

    Oh! We also need Lora and her stripper shoes ;)

    And I would be a kidney for an organ of choice. Just one. Then I could kick back, relax and let the other kidney do all the work.

    <3 you!!! And Elise is positively a cutie patootie

  10. I am totally singing "Me and Dexie down by school yard!"

    I don't want the job, either. The appendix does sound nice...

  11. those are some fab song titles homegirl!

    also, i can see where elise gets her sass! :D

  12. AHAHA! You are awesome and I am totally loving the song titles!

  13. So funny Joshuas team name is Joshua's Rock Stars :) I love you post what a funny read!

  14. Hilarious! Rockin' out with you to a job I never wanted, too. Thankfully the job now belongs solely to the 'betic 19 yearold and he's rockin' to the beat. Of course he is a drummer....


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