Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mr. Fowler's Fodder

If you are immersed in the DOC like I am, then you have no doubt been highly disgusted by the ignorance shown by "journalist" Wendall Fowler.

In his first blunder (click here to read it - warning... your head may explode from the sheer stupidity shown by this man), he disparaged the fund-raising efforts of the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana. Why? Because they served ice cream (the horror) in the name of raising money for kids to go to camp. He even went so far as to say that giving sugar to a diabetic was like giving alcohol to an alcoholic.

Here is my response (which, upon further inspection is still awaiting moderation for some reason):

I just had to add my pissed-off voice to the DOC chorus. I echo what everyone said above and will add this:

My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 12 months. 12 MONTHS! She was a baby who had never had anything but breast milk, water, and homemade baby food that I made using organic fruits and veggies. So how on earth did my baby’s eating habits bring on her diabetes?

Learn the difference between type 1 and 2. Then learn the causes of both types. Get your information straight before you shoot off your mouth about any type of diabetes again. Just read the above comments over and over. Maybe something will sink in.

Oh, and STOP WATCHING OPRAH (reruns, since thank goodness she’s off the air now)!

We in the DOC eagerly awaited a response. There was wind of an apology in the air. Then came this. It appeared that Mr. Fowler was up to his old tricks. I have always been taught that an apology is NEVER followed by a "but" (although is this case it seems it can be written by an ass), BUT... that is exactly what he did. At least ol' Wendy is consistent in his ignorance.

I love how he points out that most people knew he was talking about type 2 (I address that in my comment below), even though he was attacking an organization that is all about type 1.

I had to roll my eyes when he wrote, "kids don't get moderation". Seriously? My 3 year old child has more control than most adults. She understands what is healthy and what isn't. When we go to the grocery store, she'll point to fruits and veggies saying, "those are good for my body". And for dessert, sometimes she'll ask for, "a little bit of ice cream, please". My child gets it. Probably more so than Mr. Fowler.

And then he had to attack the great people of the DOC by writing, "... hatred of some frighteningly hostile folks..." Hostile? You want hostile, Wendy? Because we can show you that. I have to say I was rather proud of the DOC response to the hatred that was first spewed by Mr. Fowler. Unfortunately, he didn't respond in kind.

And for the record, the DOC is home to some of the kindest, most generous people I have ever "met".

Mr Fowler, do you care that children in developing countries are dying because they don't have access to insulin? Did you send diabetes supplies to people who were affected by the tornadoes in Alabama? When a family that is down on their luck and is running out of test strips, do you take them from your own precious supply and ship them off to that family?

Then only hostility I've seen is in your own words, Mr. Fowler.

Anyway, this was my response to his "apology"

All I can do is shake my head and laugh at your “apology”. Defensive much?

There are so many errors in your “apology”, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m sure most have them have been out-lined in the comments above. I will add my two cents to this gem:

“Most everyone knew I was referring to type 2″

Nope. Most everyone probably DIDN’T. Because MOST people don’t even know there are different types. MOST people think my 12 month old daughter got diabetes from eating too much sugar. MOST people think she can be weaned off of insulin. MOST people are surprised to find out she has to take insulin.

Not to mention the fact that you have NO idea of the facts when it comes to type 2 anyway. Just where did you get your medical degree from? What is your educational background? What makes you think you know more than the people living with the disease?

I feel sad for you and your need to disparage people that already have a tough road to travel. You use your words as poison. One that is far, far worse than sugar could ever be.

Then the editor of the newspaper chimed in with his two cents (way over-priced if you ask me). Read it here.

I love what Kelly says on her blog, saying it sounds like the editor "drinks the Fowler Kool-aide in massive doses". As usual, Kelly hit it right on the head. Once more, my response:

There’s a saying, “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Truer words were never spoken, especially concerning Mr. Fowler’s fodder.

His article and “apology” are not only shoddy journalism, they are a disservice to the amazing individuals that live with diabetes (ALL types of diabetes) day in and day out.

I write this on behalf of my 3 year old daughter who was diagnosed at 12 months old and will grow up battling the misconceptions about her disease because of people like Mr. Fowler.

I urge everyone to go and leave comments on these "articles". Let your voice be heard. For yourself. Your daughter. Your son. Your spouse. Anyone you know that deals with this ignorance on a daily basis. Say it loud.

And in regard to Mr. Fowler? I have to say, it's the worst case of the stupids I've ever seen.

Such a shame.


  1. I would have posted earlier but my head exploded (must learn to read the disclaimers). I was pissed enough to comment on his "apology". “Diabesity” grrrrrr

  2. Amen!!

    I can't comment on his trash from my phone..lucky bastard cause I have some words for him!

  3. Thanks for visiting my new blog, The Sugar Sharks. I've been a long-time reader here. :)

    IDIOTS. That's really all I have to say. We're surrounded by them.

  4. I couldnt finish this man's first article, and when i read his follow up !!!!

    Thanks for putting together a considered response, i dont think i could have said anything to him that would have gotten through the moderator.

  5. Oh I commented. The man is an asshat.

  6. It's taken me a while to get my head centered on this response... And honestly the negative energy it's created has been conflicting with everything work related. But what a tool. I've certainly enjoyed some ice cream despite him in the past couple weeks (starting with the ice cream social itself!). We'll see what comes from this latest response.. Will fill in the dots as they materialize from this end. Thanks for spreading word about this horrible media message that hurts our D-Community.

  7. I agree...a terrible case of the stupids! I left a comment on his initial article and read the "apology" yesterday evening and have been stewing on a response. I somehow missed the editors response. It's really sad (to say the least) that they don't seem to "get" what Mr. Fowler and the paper has done wrong. Not only have they further spread these diabetes misconceptions, but they have also drug the DYFI through the mud causing them to possibly lose potential donors for their organization. Very sad that they can't seem to get their facts straight about diabetes or the DYFI and supporting organizations!

  8. I'm surprised he didn't mention the cure that was growing on the side of the tree in his fancy backyard somewhere...I mean he must harbor "THE TRUTH" somewhere, right?!

  9. I couldn't even comment. Too angry and frankly I don't have it in me right now to respond. Thank you for doing it for us. Love ya Jo.

  10. You should label the idiot in your video as this guy. So frustrating. I thought the same thing as you about my daughter having more restraint and understanding moderation than most adults. She prefers fruits/veggies because they are healthy and now asks me if things have fiber in them (fiver she calls it).

  11. Preach it, Joanne! I'm so proud of the DOC and how they have responded.

  12. Very appropriate righteous anger, Jo. Here was my post to the editor's statement:

    Suggestion: Please have your writers consult with medical professionals before getting into medical talk. In this case, a Registered Dietitian or an endocrinologist would have been most appropriate. You are misinforming many people, and I thought journalists are supposed to do background work before they publish? The Junvenile Diabetes Foundation in which Mr. Fowler criticized is an organization for type 1 diabetes. He made serious errors, and he really should retract instead of exerting yet more pride in his “explanation.” We should expect more from your organization of writers that you allow to post in the name of Southwest Times.


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