Friday, July 15, 2011

We be tummitotin'!

I just wanted to post this uber-cute pic of Elise sporting her brand spankin' new Tummitote. Which she absolutely loves, by the way. The proof?

She's wearing it on the OUTSIDE, so everybody can see it. And the matching headband is adorable too!

Thank you to Donna for putting up with my crazy questions and helping me to pick out the perfect Tummitote for Elise!

FYI... I wasn't paid nuthin' by nobody to say this. It's just when I do business with a GREAT company with WONDERFUL products and EXCELLENT customer service, I feel compelled to share. I'm a giver, what can I say?

Another FYI... as of 11:00 this morning, our AC is back up and running. You wouldn't BE-LIEVE the kick-in-the-crotch painful experience this was. And Elise's BG? No more crashy-crashy. Interesting.


  1. We LOVE our Tummitotes too! And how cute is she?!?!?! Adorable!!!

    Yay for the AC!!!

  2. What a pose! Love it.
    So glad your AC is back ON!

  3. Yay for ACs and yay for tummietotes! Such a cutie!

  4. That tummietote thing is adorable. I've wondering about getting one for Matthew.

    Maybe I could take a good look at yours when we meet up. Hint, hint...

    GO GLAD THE AC IS ON!!!!!!

  5. So cute and poised like a mini ballerina

  6. Oh, way cute!!
    And we love us some Donna and Tallygear, too! She is, in a word, superturboaffengeil! (Love German words that just squish four words together and call it good!!)
    SO HAPPY that the AC is back...and that the BGs are playing nicely!!

  7. ADORBS! i love that she's rockin' it on the outside! we saw a lot of peeps rocking their pumps front and center at FFL. in fact, L came home wearing hers clipped to her waistband, instead of tucked in her pocket, like she normally does.

  8. Totally cute! And woohoo....yay for A/C!!!! word verifications have been funny all night...this one is proarie (maybe, a little like pro-air..or maybe it's Friday and my brain is totally fried, lol)!

  9. too cute for sure!! Love the pose...sweet little ballerina :)

  10. Ah yeah...she is friggin' ADORABLE! As you know, love me some Tallygear. Joe's Fav, my fav...hands down.

  11. LOVE our tummietotes!! Jada has the exact same one! Elise looks so big!!!
    (okay....this is weird...but my word verification is "detscom"!!!)

  12. Yay for the ac and the awesome tummitote. LOVE IT!

  13. I like the tummietote, but I really just want Elise to come over to my house and teach me how to look so cute. <3 her!!!!

    Hope you kicked back with a couple of mojitos once the A/C was fixed ;)

  14. She is so sweet and rocks that headband. I'm very thankful for products like the tummitote :)


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