Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot = LOW

It's been almost a week of no downstairs AC.

There's a heat advisory for today. For those of you who are lucky enough to live somewhere NORMAL, a heat advisory is:

A heat advisory is issued when hot temperatures and high relative humidity will cause heat index readings to range between 100 to 105 during the daytime.

Around here, it also means that nighttime temperatures will not dip below 80.

My downstairs is currently 87. My upstairs is 83. And still no word on when it will be fixed.

***insert the "I'm in HELL" joke of your choice here***

And poor Elise. Poor, itchy, hot Elise and her crashing blood sugars. I've lost count of how many extra carbs I'm pouring down her throat.

Who has two thumbs, is slowly going mad and hates Texas?

This girl.

(photo courtesy of Elise)


  1. Just reading about it makes me feel yucky (I was gonna say hotter but - - - not going there...).
    I hope the AC guy or gal shows up very, very soon.
    PS - more photos from the budding photographer!

  2. Oh wow I thought that they were supposed to be out on Monday ? wow you are going through hell and I would be reminding them that I have a sick child in the house as well as an infant . I would be raising h%ll at these people . Good luck Jo , I hope it is fixed soon dear .

  3. aw man I can't even imagine, well I kind of can, but not really - two years in TX with AC was enough, I can not imagine times without with two kiddos and d in the mix. Actually I remember one day in Sept when they canceled school where I taught because the AC wasn't working...hmmm...I hope somebody gets there quick and fixes things. ((Hugs)) well not a real hug because that sounds hot and sweaty and you just don't need any more of that, hope you find some way to stay cool ;)

  4. Yucky, yucky, sticky yucky!!
    Wish I could send you some of our weather...breezy 66 and partly sunny. Sorry!!
    Nice picture, too!

  5. Ugh! Sounds miserable! This will be our 1st summer in 6 years that we wont have forced air, hoping for a calm summer!!!
    Hope you get it fixed soon!!!

  6. COME VISIT!!! We are experiencing 70s and 80s...not too humid this summer. I would love to have you and the kids!!! xo

  7. Holy crap! I know about the heat here in Vegas. I woud die without ac. :( hope it fixes fast and Elises bgs and rash start cooperating!

  8. What happened to your D-card?????

    I. would. die.

    I know, dramatic, but I HATE un-airconditioned spaces because I woulld most certainly melt. I am sure you are a puddle on the floor by now. ;)

  9. Amy - apparently they just don't care. I've thrown it down so many times that I've lost count. I've even added I have a baby. And I'm thinking about getting pregnant just so I can add that too.

    Not that they care. Sigh. I am beyond puddle.

  10. Move to Minnesota! We've be happy to have you! Course, our temperatures for the next week are supposed to be in the 90s-100s, so maybe Minnesota isn't that much better. We have hockey though!

  11. OH MY CRAZINESS! Those people should be slapped for not getting out there by now! I hope things cool down very soon! UGH!!

  12. Oh no! I hope the AC gets fixed soon.

  13. Do high temps cause lows? Being in the chilly NW I haven't heard that one yet, but it would explain why we were battling lows all day at camp today. The sun was beating down on us and the BG just kept dropping even with no insulin. Please expound!

  14. Me too, me too! Nightime inside my house has reached 84.
    GET DA man out to fix it!!

  15. I guess I should be happy I am wearing a sweater this July morning?? So sorry about the heat and lack of AC!!Heat makes Addison's BG run low too. Big time! Your photos cracks me up Joanne! I hope it cools down and the AC gets fixed YESTERDAY! Hang in there and remember..the NW has some great D mamas to hang out with..Just case you want to high tail it outta there!! XO

  16. Stupid ac company... get it fixed already!

  17. glad to see you're trying to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing (and great pic, elise!) but DAMN THAT IS SOME EFFED UP SHIZ. UUUGGGHHHH!!!

    apparently i have no words.


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