Sunday, July 10, 2011

The D card

I don't do it often... but sometimes I throw down the "D-card". As in, "my child has diabetes and my issue needs to be addressed (sometimes asap) because of it."

But let me set one thing straight. I never want Elise to use diabetes as an excuse when it is not warranted. I don't think she should use it to get preferential treatment unless her diabetes will be directly affected.

Well, on Saturday I threw down the D-card. Our downstairs AC has been out since Thursday. It's 85 freaking degrees in the downstairs of my house. This morning it was cooler OUTSIDE than inside.

Thankfully, we have a home warranty policy, so on Friday, I called them. They told me they would contact an AC company who would set up an appointment. No one called, and it was getting late in the day. Of course, right before the weekend.

So I called a local company who is awesome. How awesome? They were there within 20 minutes of my call. I was hoping it was something quick and easy. Alas, it was not and they suggested I go with the company the home warranty people contract with so I could save some serious dough. I was also told that the part that was needed would have to be ordered, so I should get the other company out ASAP.

So Saturday arrives (going on 3 days of 85 degree temps in my house), and still no call from the other company. I call back to the warranty people and tell them as much. I am told the AC companies are all pretty busy. I explained that I already had the problem diagnosed (on my OWN dime), but someone needed to come out and confirm, so that a part could be ordered.

She said her hands were tied, and unless there was a medical reason, there was nothing she could do.

I pondered that for a second. Thinking back over the last few days, Elise's BG was taking a huge, unexplainable nosedive in the afternoon, when the heat was at it's worst.
Plus her rash had flared up again from the heat. I decided it was go time, so I threw down the D-card.

It was good enough for the woman, and a truck was at my house in 45 minutes. The bad news? Since they had waited so long, they guy couldn't order the part until Monday, and probably can't install in until Tuesday.

Then, late Saturday came the kicker. The home warranty people want a second (by then it will be a third) opinion. So we have to wait until Monday for another company to come out, and make the same diagnosis... we might be without downstairs AC for a freaking WEEK by the time the part comes in.

Yes, the upstairs unit is working, but the only things upstairs are the bedrooms. We LIVE downstairs. The KITCHEN is downstairs. All of the kid's TOYS are downstairs. Ugh. Anything that might give off heat does not get turned on. So we're pretty much living in the dark and without use of the stove/oven.

Plus the upstairs unit is having to make up for the lack of cooling downstairs and has been running non-stop and it's only 82 degrees upstairs.

This sucks. The heat is actually making me nauseous. And cranky. And sweaty. Gross.

I guess it's a good thing Elise doesn't wear a pump.

You can bet at 8:00 Monday morning I will be calling up the warranty people, waving my D-card.


  1. Ick - hot, sticky kids are not fun. Hope it gets fixed very soon!

  2. Ugh! I HATE being sweaty! And I HATE living without A/C. When we go back to school there is no air and it's awful. But more than that, sleeping in the heat just is wrong. You wave that D card and get it fixed!

  3. Yeah I think if I have to put up with what you have yeah throw down the d card ..

  4. I hate those warranty companies. We had the worst luck with them, they would take forever, send out terrible companies to fix our stuff, it was completely useless for us. I pray they get to you guys quickly on Monday, and you can get some relief!!!

  5. Yep, totally throwing the D-card!
    Hope it doesn't take til the end of the week...being hot stinks (literally and figuratively!!)

  6. Why couldn't they take the opinion of the first company?? So dumb!

    We about died when ours broke... in the middle of the Florida summer. UGH!

  7. BLECH.

    Jay forces me to keep the house at 82. Yes it's cooler than 110 outside, but 82 is 82 and it's FREAKING HOT!

    The other day, I refilled the pump using the room temp bottle we keep in a drawer and her numbers were AWFUL to the point of needing to change out everything a few hours later with a new vial.

    Then I thought about how easily there could be a 4 degree variance between 82 and 86 when I was in the kitchen making dinner....

    AND, my friend, I was able to play the D Card with my husband to keep the house at 78!!!!

  8. UUUGGGHHHH is right!

    I think it was completely warranted! Hang in there!!

  9. I totally would have pulled the D-card too! I hope they can get out quickly tomorrow and get that darn part ordered!

    Hang in there!

  10. Definitely a legitimate time to throw out the D-card...I totally would have too! I hope they are able to get the 2nd opinion quickly and get that part ordered and installed for you guys without any more delays!

  11. Oh, you p-u-l-l that D-card honey!!! I see it as an ace in the back pocket to be used in times like this. Seriously . . . with all that we D-rents have to do, shouldn't we have a perk in place every once in a while?!

    I cannot stand a hot house. Hoping you get it fixed sssooooonnnnn.

  12. oh, man I can't even imagine a canadian roasting in a TX heated house...horrible, truly horrible.
    I hate to admit it but the heat was why we (TJ and I) two native northwesterners returned to WA, as my mother-in-law said there is just something wrong with a place that makes your thumbs sweat.
    I hope Elise's rash isn't too bad and you are all getting some rest at night.
    Take care :)

  13. I am SO glad you pulled the D-card and don't you feel bad about it! The heat is no good for Elise's rash, so if the D card is what worked then use it! I hope the a/c is working and you have worked out all the other issues.

  14. Oh pooh - it looks like my first attempt to post didn't go through a few days ago.

    This has nothing to do with this post but I'm not sure how to otherwise contact you.

    Has the news that your Cookies with Poison in Them video was shown at one of the Friends for Life sessions?

    I was so proud for you!

    (email me at if you have a chance)


  15. I am hot and sweaty just reading about this. I don't blame you a bit for playing the d-card. Hope you get some relief soon.


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