Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Low? Or tired?

After putting Mattias down for his nap, I came downstairs to find this:

Thank goodness she wasn't low... just tired.

Moments like these should make my heart swell with love.

Not stop in fear.

Stupid diabetes.


  1. That is enough to make your heart jump out of your chest!

    What drives me crazy is that I have 3 children, 1 with diabetes. When the other two are thirsty, I'm in there testing them during the night.

    I feel like the crazy lancet lady!!!

  2. So glad she was just tired and not low . My heart used to sink when my son would be found like this . I hate the big d .

  3. Stupid, stupid Diabetes!!
    Should totally be an 'awe how sweet' moment not a 'holy sh*t, is she OK' moment!!

  4. I get the same too about myself, when I am REALLY tired I hate asking myself tired or just high? Both are pretty annoying!

  5. holy crapolina!!! I woudl have fuhreaked if I walked in the room and Ellie was on the floor like that. Of course, she is WELL beyond the napping stage . . . but still.

    I hope you had a nice stiff drink shortly following ;)

  6. Oh, I'm glad she was just tired- and I can relate. My poor d-kid never falls asleep in the car without me freaking out, waking her up if I'm driving, just to "make sure". She gets annoyed with me but I can't help it. It's either wake her or pull off somewhere and test her. Argh.

  7. Wait...you had a quiet moment to yourself? Congratulations!

    But I think I would have had a heart attack walking down the stairs to see that. The picture alone made my heart drop into my stomach. :( But agreed, after the shock...it is a very sweet pic.

  8. I was sure hoping the answer was going to be just tired. I hate that we feel that panic in moments like those instead of just being able to smile and enjoy our exhausted, sleeping kiddos!

  9. "should" - lately I HATE that word, it makes me feel so angry and guilty about all that I can't change. Right now I have a list of "shoulds" that are being thrown out the window :)
    I am thankful that Elise was just tired.
    I'm tired, too...I should be sleeping...see there I go again.
    Have a fab week friend, I can't wait to hear more stories about your amazing new neighborhood, wonderful block parties and all that fun (sorry just dreaming for a moment there that it included free babysitting and no d worries, too for you guys!)
    Hope all is well and you're enjoying the summer :)

  10. That would make my heart flop to my stomach. I guess I should appreciate the days when I COULD smile about that.

  11. Oh Joanne, I would have FREAKED out!

    The same thing happened to us after fireworks, Matthew was in the back seat, falling asleep...I kept worrying that he was low.

    I hate that our kids can't just sleep.

    So glad she was okay!!

  12. Yup.

    You should melt at love's first sight...and not panic first.

    Totally agree, my friend.

    Totally agree.

  13. I damn near fell off the couch in fear just seeing that on the laptop screen... So glad it was just tiredness. Geez. You're right: darn diabetes.


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