Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3:00 pm CST BG check

Okay, okay, we were a bit late because at 2:57 pm I was running like a manic with Elise in tow trying to make our 3:00 pedi appointment. Proud to say I did! Buy the time we checked in, and got called back right away (got to love that!), and had the nurse do Elise's vitals; it was well past the time. But what the heck... I needed to check her anyway because before the ride to the office, she came in at 71. I'm happy to say that 30 minutes and 5g of carbs later, she came in at a nice 108!

Not bad considering she hasn't really been below 200 in the last few days. Stay tuned for a post on the very amusing and stressful rest of my afternoon!

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