Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alive, but very, very quiet (still)

I thought I'd post a little update just so people didn't think I was dead or something... with the way life has been going lately, it's not a stretch!

After talking with the CDE yesterday, we decided to give Elise more carbs for her bedtime snack. A nutritionist from the office was supposed to call and work with me on how much to give Elise, but she never did. Argh. So I ended up just picking a number and gave her 14g with a BG of 100 and 2.5 N. I was a little nervous about it making her BG skyrocket (Elise gets 15-20 g of carbs for breakfast and she gets 8 units of DH for that), but it wasn't too bad. She was 278 at 11:15, and 244 at 2:30, waking up at 163. Not too bad!

Unfortunately, the nutritionist didn't call today either, and when Elise had a bedtime BG of 278, I didn't know what to do. The CDE was adamant that Elise needs more carbs than we're giving her (which is about 5g) at bedtime. I'm a little confused about this, but it was so hard talking to her and getting her to understand my questions because I had no voice!

Today I woke up with zero speaking ability as well, so I didn't even try to call the endo's office for clarification. Not being able to talk is so frustrating, and I realize that I totally take my voice for granted.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be a little more vocal and get my questions answered.


  1. We typically take it night by night with Jada as far as a bedtime snack goes. It seems like she either gets a full 15 grams or nothing. The nights she gets nothing, I often have to give her a juice box around midnight in order for her to wake up safely.
    We have been told that we've been giving her too much at night- but if she is less than 190 at midnight- I have to give her a juice box. Even when I do that, she will usually wake up below 100.
    Do what you think is best! You know Elise better than the CDE and how her little body can handle the carbs. Our CDE's have been way off base before and if we had listened- we probably would have had some real problems.

  2. Good luck with the voice, that is so annoying. I loose my voice every time I'm sick, so I know what you are going through! We are very lucky with Cara because the diabetic clinic that we go to has an nutritionist working with them at all times. We were told to give Cara 20-30 grams of carbs at bedtime snack, "it is the most important snack of the day" so they say?. At dinner she receives .5 novorapid and .5 NPH with 30-45 grams of carbs. Luch 30-45 grams of carbs with any corrections that need to be made. Afternoon and morning snacks are 15-20 grams of carbs and breakfast is 30-45 grams of carbs with 2.5 of novorapid and 4.5 of NPH. I know that everyone is different, but I thought that maybe you would like to see what others are doing? Good luck hope you get to speak soon :)

  3. Thanks Amy and Nicole for your comments... it really helps to hear what others do. Nicole, that's interesting that Cara gets the NPH at dinner... does the insulin last her until the next morning? What does she usually wake up at?

  4. Yeah we have no problem with numbers in the morning. We talked to the doctor about when she should have her NPH at night. We all (us, doctors and nurses at our clinic) came to the decision that because novorapid and NPH can be mixed in the same syringe and because her bed time is only a few hours after dinner it would be ok and even better (1 less injection) to give her the NPH at dinner time with her novorapid. Her morning numbers are usally around 7-10 (you know the drill X by 18 lol) right were they want them. We have no problems right now with her morning #'s being to low or high.

    Thanks for writing your BG # in Canadian for me in your last response to my blog. I need to have a calculator with me at all times when reading U.S. blogs! lol You are so thoughtful!!

  5. For what it's worth, when Addy was on NPH, she got a shot at bedtime too...

    (((HUGS))) and hoping you feel better soon!

  6. Alivia gets a 20-30gm snack at bedtime no matter what. Even if she's in the 400-500 she drops to 100-110 by her 1am check...that still confuses me! Our nutritionist told us to give her a carb, protein & fat mixture...8oz milk with 1T choc syrup (24gms total) has never failed us yet!

  7. I am just a Gma. But, right now I wish that I was a Fairy Godmother. I wish I could wave my wand and make diabetes disappear. I have no answers or even idea's. All I can do is send prayers and hugs.


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