Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mini Rant

All through last week we had been seeing higher and higher numbers with Elise and it they hit a peak this weekend. All we saw on Saturday and Sunday were numbers mostly in the 300-400 range. Nothing we did worked. We were even giving her 3 extra units of DH at meal times and even then her numbers would only come down to the mid to high 200s.

Figuring we were out of our element, we emailed our numbers to the Endo on Sunday night, asking for help. We never heard back Monday, which is odd. They usually get back to us pretty quickly. Then this morning there was an email in my inbox saying, "We offer review of blood glucose logs to our families on Wednesdays. Please re-send your updated records at that time."

Ugh... sounds like a form-letter response to me. Did they even read our logs? We are well aware that the day to email logs for review is Wednesday, but we stopped weekly emails about 3 months ago; only emailing when we have an issue.

Like we did this weekend. It has always been the case that if we needed help we were free to email our logs whenever. I just hate the overall "snottiness" of this response and it's one of the reasons I hate dealing with such a big practice. I like Elise's doc, but I feel like we're just a number to the CDEs and it makes me mad.

We're real, live, breathing people with a 22-month old that had been dealing with high BG numbers for quite a few days. We tried what we knew and it didn't work. So we reached out to the "experts" for help. And they tell us we need to wait until it's convenient for them.

I am so, so ticked right now. I've decided to wait until I calm down a bit to call them up and yell.

Don't they know you should never make a red-head mad?




    Ditto with the red hair, Sista!

    What temper? I have no idea what you're talking about!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is one of the sad realities I've encountered. Eventually, you aren't the "new dx" anymore. Evenutally, they have to lessen the reigns and leave you to your best judgment, because there are new families who need them as much as you did in those early days.

    I know -- it's hard to swallow, because YOUR child is just as important...and you need help too!!!!!! It's hard when you want the expert's help but have to wait until they're available.

    In 4 years (well, sooner, really), you'll be making all the changes on your own. You know why? Because you'll get tired of waiting to hear back from the office...this diabetes thing is a self-managed disease.

    And YOU can do it!!!!!

  2. Do you think she could be going through a growth spurt?

    I can't believe you can only get help 1 day a week!...That's just crazy, I guess I should count my lucky stars that our clinic has an insulin adjustment line M-F and someone on call during the weekends!
    Hopefully you can get things worked out quickly! 2 years old + high blood sugar = a bad day!


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