Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Elise just wanted to say Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends; especially Nicole! Hope you're enjoying your day and have an Aero or some Smarties for me (or a Coffee Crisp, Maltesers, Crunchie, Crispy Crunch...)!


  1. Elise is so beautiful. Of my four children, 3 had dark red hair. Happy Canada Day, Pretty Baby!!!

  2. Thank you Elise, What a nice surprise! Happy Canada day to you too. You look great next to the Canadian flag, red and white are great colours for you! (there's a little bit of Canadian spelling for you too. Sorry I have been away from my blog lately our son Connor has been very sick and we are trying to figure out his issues?!


  3. P.S. We do have the BEST Chocolate bars!:P I missed them when we were living in the states.


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