Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ketones, ketones go away

I am just so frustrated right now. We have been experiencing high (300+) BG numbers the last few days, and this morning Elise woke up with ketones. Ketones that registered 2.6 on her meter. On the day that we were supposed to meet a bunch of friends for some indoor bounce house fun.

Her BG was 252, which meant that she shouldn't receive any sliding scale, But I gave her an extra unit of DH anyway. We were supposed to meet everybody at 10:00, which meant I had a dilemma on my hands:

Since 10:00 was the time I needed to re-test her, should I just not bother going in case she still had ketones (the place was about a 20 minute drive, and everyone would be leaving by about 11:00 or so - not worth the drive to me)? Or should I go anyway, test her before I go in, and hope the ketones are gone. I decided on the latter, and when I got there she rang in at 408, with 0.9 ketones. Well, crap.

After some internal debating, I decided ketones be damned... I'm not going to let diabetes ruin Elise's fun today. In we went to play on some of the coolest bounce houses you've ever seen. Unfortunately, I exceeded the height requirement. I was hoping Elise would need me to come fetch her out of one at some point (so I could get in some bounces and perhaps a slide of my own), but she proved to be self-sufficient.

An hour later she was 238 and 0.1, so I thought we had the problem licked.

Unfortunately, Elise was 258 and 0.4 after her nap this afternoon, so it looks like the ketones are creeping back in. I have no clue as to what is going on. Several friends have remarked to me how much Elise has grown since they last saw her (in a one to two week period), so I'm thinking growth spurt.

She's also has some symptoms of teething, so we have that going on too. I don't think she's sick although today she's been coughing a little bit, and she's had some diarrhea the last three days (but that could be because of the teething), so who knows?

What I do know is that Elise is pretty miserable right now and I can't do anything to make her feel better. Even at the bounce houses she was whiney and unhappy most of the time. We've had it pretty good for so long, I've forgotten how bad it can get.


  1. I was told that ketones can be the first hint of illness, sometimes showing up a few days before any other symptoms show. Hopefully she's not getting sick!

  2. I think what you do and how you manage is remarkable. This blasted disease can ruin any given day and frazzle nerves. I am so happy that you and Elise were able to get out and have fun inspite of ketones! Got my fingers crossed that illness is not around the corner.


    That's always my mantra in times like these...sigh...

    Bummer that you couldn't go in the bounce house too! But so happy you guys were able to get out and play :)

    Keep us posted -- non-carb fluids, fluids, fluids...

  4. I'm glad to read that you did not let diabetes rule your life and you had a wonderful day!

    I'm not sure if it is a Canadian thing or just something my diabetic clinic does, but we do NOT check for ketones unless Cara is sick. After reading everyone's blogs I became concerned that we were doing something wrong not checking. Our nurse told us that we have enough things to worry about every day and that checking ketones when she is not sick is not necessary. As long as she drinks enough fluids in the day she will be fine.

  5. It so hard to know sometimes at this age what the heck is going on it illness or teething or growth spurt?! Sometimes it seems like you just can't figure it out and is frustrating as all get out! Hang in there Joanne! Fluids are key to getting those ketones gone. Whenever we had or have these situations, I always call our endo right away and keep in close contact throughout the day(s) about insulin adjustments.


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