Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back to the drawing board

Thanks for all your comments on my last post... it really does help to have some encouragement and to know I'm not alone in wanting to rip my hair out!

The night after I wrote my last post, we still had numbers in the mid 200s throughout the night. We checked quite a few times and saw that she most likely wasn't going low overnight. Just to make sure, last night we just left everything the same, intending to do a few checks throughout the night.

At bedtime she was 116. At 11:00 pm, 199. When we checked at 12:30 and she was 145 (when her NPH was peaking), I figured we should be okay.

Unfortunately, at about 4:30 am, I was awoken to hear her little voice calling me over the baby monitor. She was 52. After 8g of banana, she went back to sleep.

She woke up this morning at 69. The only thing I can think of that was different is she played at our church's indoor playground after dinner last night. It's always hard for me to predict how exercise is going to affect her, but last night I guess it really did!

Does anyone have some sort of "formula" to know how many more carbs to give their kids when they do exercise?


  1. I hate that its so unpredictable. The night you relax a tid... you hit a low!

    When we know Mattie will be playing or running around, we give a protein and then 15 xtra carbs. Most of the time I pack a peanut butter and honey sandwich on wheat bread. It's a good combo, and it works for us.

    Hope this helps, and I hope you get some rest!!

  2. I am of absolutely no help. At first , all exercise affected Avery. Now nothing does. ???? Wish I had an answer! (aren't you glad I posted this?!?)

  3. i was thinking to tell you peanut butter too but peanut butter spikes me so that does not help I know sorry . I wish I could say about the kids but I really dont remember dear wish I did . try peanut butter and see if that works for ya .

  4. Have you thought about changing your insulin from NPH to something else. We did that with Cara because all the peeking at all different times it was so uncontrollable, and her numbers were every where. So we asked if we could be changed to a different insulin and the nurse said something like that NPH is a very unpredictable insulin and sometimes it just does not work with some people. There is so much more control with the other insulin (we changed to Lantus)

  5. @ Nicole - we've discussed it with the endo, but have stuck with it because we've always been able to manage her numbers pretty well on NPH. This problem has just materialized in the last month or so. We'll probably talk about it some more at our upcoming appointment (in a week - yikes!). I'm just hoping we get it figured out before then.

  6. I know you love your NPH :)...but what about keeping it at breakfast to cover lunch and pm snack and then adding Lantus to the dinner shot? You'd still be giving her the same amount of shots per day and you'd eliminate the stress of the nighttime peek, just a thought to run by your endo if you can't get it figured out before then.

    As for the activity levels we were given a handy chart to go by...
    -light activity (walking, yoga) blood sugar <180 give 15g/hr
    -moderate activity (dancing, brisk walking) blood sugar <100 give 30g before start then 15g/hr. 100-180 give 15g before start then 15/hr. 181-250 give 15/hr.
    Strenuous activity (running, aerobics) blood sugar <100 45g before start then 15/hr. 100-180 give 30g before start then 15/hr. 181-250 15 before start then 15/hr.

    Most of the time Alivia will be high after the activity because of the carbs but it evens out during the night, just to avoid that I usually add up the carbs she should get during the activity and add them to her bedtime snack.

    Good Luck!


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