Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You STILL may be able to order a shirt

We have had some emails asking us if it's too late to order a shirt... it seems Elise and I did a great job selling it in our pictures. Hey, stop laughing!

Anyway, the unfortunate part is it is not feasible for the printer to do one shirt at a time, but they would gladly print up a dozen at a time for us.

We've received orders for 4 shirts today. This means we need orders for at least 8 more shirts to make this happen. We would love to be able to fulfill these orders.

The only sizes available are unisex small to XXL.

So, if you'd like a shirt, the drill is to send an email to with the number of shirts, sizes, and mailing address. Then you'll need to send the money via Paypal (shirts are $15 each). When we get the money, we can then submit the order, but only if we get orders for 8 more shirts! If not, we will refund your money.

If we get this done quickly enough, we should be able to get the shirts to you by November 14th.


  1. I got my t-shirts! I got my t-shirts! (said all sing-songy and happy!)

  2. Jason said we got our shirts in the mail and they are way cool!! Can't wait to get home and see them!! Thanks again!!


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