Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving questions

This is our first year to do Thanksgiving with Elise (last year we opted for the uber-traditional Thanksgiving fondue... yummy!), and some friends have invited us over for dinner. I'll be bringing some food, but my friend will be doing the majority of the cooking. Of course I can't ask her to count the carbs for me in each recipe, but I thought some of my D-Sistas who use carb factors might be able to help me out.

I'm looking for an approximate carb factor for the following: gravy, stuffing and/or dressing (and if someone knows the difference, please tell me), pumpkin pie, and apple pie (if you know the carb factor for just the filling, that would be tops).

I know each recipe differs, but if I could figure out a generic carb factor for each, that would give me some place to start. Thanks much and Happy Turkey.


  1. if all else fails... try I usually have luck finding stuff there :)

  2. Okay this is the best I could do my dear and I hope it works for you . Okay the gravy is 40 grams carbs , stuffing is 80 grams carbs,pumpkin the fruit alone is 5 grams carbs, apple , fruit alone is 21 grams carbs . I hope that this helps . Happy Turkey day .

  3. Hey Joanne,
    I think last year we just referred to Calorie King for carb counts(not carb factors). I am going to be figuring out carb factors for all I am making and would be happy to pass them on but I don't know if they will get to you on time. Here is a link I found that sends you to a carb factor list and it might be helpful..

  4. A common guessing technique is that mashed potatos and stuffing are about 20g of carbs when the portion is the size of your fist. I ususally do 30g per fist size for my boys...but that is just where their ratios are right now.

    Good luck!

    Word Verification: relat...I can totally "relat" to your problem!

  5. Got me! So, I will pray for a happy Thanksgiving and for God to help you with this issue. :)

  6. In the past, Lainey usually only ate the turkey. I'm glad you asked this question because it helps me out too. I think Lainey may try some other food besides turkey this year.


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