Saturday, November 7, 2009


When I think back to a year ago, I marvel at how much more "portable" we are. It took me quite awhile to be okay with packing up all our D stuff, food, supplies, etc. and straying too far from home. Now we just throw everything in a bag or two and have some fun!

Last night was no exception. We took Elise to see my hometown hockey team, the Canucks, take on the "yucky Stars". Elise's words... not mine. No, really!

We had dinner at her favourite restaurant, and took the train down to the arena. It was going to be a late night, so that meant schlepping all her dinner supplies and food (she eats the restaurant food, but I like to bring some healthy choices from home to round out her meal), as well as he bedtime supplies and snack.

When we were giving Elise her bedtime insulin while watching the game, I could hear a whispered conversation behind me. The woman asked her friend next to her what we were giving Elise. I heard him reply, "she must have diabetes.... type 1."

To which she replied, "oh, I feel so sad for her." The exchange was not meant for me to overhear, but due to my superb skill at eavesdropping, I heard the whole thing.

During the intermission, I struck up a conversation with the people behind me, and Elise having diabetes came up. The guy said he saw us give her a shot and figured that's what it was. It turns out he's an EMT, and that's how he knew about type 1.

He then said that Elise looked wonderful and we must be doing a great job handling a terrible disease. Wow, in the span of the week I've run into two people that understand... a new record!

Even though my team lost, it was a great night, and I love making these fun memories with my daughter. Suck on THAT, diabetes!


  1. Yeah i agree suck on that diabetes . wow joanne can we get shirts that says that ? LOL !!! Just thought I would give you a laugh this am . that is great that you got to listen to an actual person with some knowledge of t1 . that is so great that some ppl actually get it so to speak .

  2. I love experiences like that--people who aren't a member of the D-club, but have the knowledge to carry on a coversation about diabetes.
    It is an "art" isn't it? To pack up diabetes? I remember, before the pump, we had to rush home from a restaurant b/c we forgot Lainey's needle and insulin. Remembered her meter though...


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