Sunday, November 15, 2009

Celebrating WDD

Despite things not going exactly according to plan, we did have a good World Diabetes Day. It started off with me sleeping in until about 10:00, while Fred and Elise went on their usual Daddy/Daughter Date Saturday breakfast.

We were supposed to have lunch with Laura and her husband and kiddos, but unfortunately Nate came down with some mysterious red bumps. Since the doc she took him to couldn't figure out what they were, we played it safe and didn't meet.

I also forgot the Fred was going to a Portuguese restaurant to watch Portugal play in a World Cup qualifying game, which was at the same time we usually go grocery shopping. I totally HATE when shopping time gets messed with, because it's always so hard to fit into our already very tight schedule.

We also had to take Elise to Chick-fil-a for dinner, because that's where we were supposed to go for lunch, and this kid doesn't forget ANYTHING! We told her that for lunch there was a change of plans and we were going to eat at home. She was very sad, but we thought she had forgotten about it. Then when we were discussing dinner plans and Elise said, "how 'bout Chicka-fway?"

Who can say no to that?

So we all went our to Chick-fil-a for dinner and when Elise was playing the the play area afterwards, one of the Moms came up to me and asked about our shirts. So I got to tell her about World Diabetes Day (she knew about Type 1 since she worked in the medical field). Then she asks we if we go to IBC (our church). Turns out we know each other through some long, twisted explanation I won't go into, but it was funny!

Another cool thing was that there was a Dad in the play area who was listening in on our conversation, and was very interested in finding out more about diabetes. He asked some great questions and of course I was only too happy to answer!

I've received a bunch of amazing shirt pictures (if you haven't sent yours yet, please send them asap to, and I'm hoping to put them all up in one big post tomorrow. Or the next day. We'll see how life goes.

I can't wait for next year... hopefully we'll get on the shirt orders a little earlier and get a whole bunch more blue out there!


  1. WOOHOO!!!!

    Educate away :)

    Love Chic-Fway!!!!

  2. Okay I am going to tell my husband that chik fil a has changed its name to chick fway . and he will look at me with the strangest look . I love it . glad you had an opp to educate and what a wonderfull day you had .

  3. All this talk of chick fil-a lately is killing me. Looks like I'm going to have to make the 45 minuted trek to the nearest one. Love me my polynesian sauce!

    It was awesome you took elise's suggestion...she deserved some celebrating on World Diabetes Day..and I know for you, it must have felt great to educate someone who was truely interested!

    Word Verification: but play on words...I think but rompa is funny on it's own. :)

  4. I feel left out I just don't know what chick-fil-a is?? I love looking at all the blogs and seeing all the T-shirts. I sent my pics of our WDD to you!


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