Sunday, November 29, 2009

One year of death

It occurred to me that today is this blog's one year anniversary. I should buy a cake so I can eat the whole thing myself.

I have travelled a very long road in one year, but I'm happy to say I'm better for it. I hate the disease, but love the people it has brought into my life.

I'll never forget the first person who I didn't know in real life to comment. Her name is Maria, and although she doesn't have a T1 kiddo, her brother and sister grew up with it. She was the first "stranger" to reach out to me, and was my biggest cheerleader early on.

Penny was the first Mom of a child with T1 to comment... and she opened the door to a whole blog-load (is that a word? It is now) of people who I've never met, but count among my closest friends.

I would love to name everybody who has touched my life for the better in this post, but I need to wrap it up here. My house doesn't seem to be cleaning itself.

Happy one year, Death of a Pancreas... looking forward to the day that I won't need you anymore.


  1. I think we all will always need a blog, at least I hope so anyway because I dont think I want to see the day when we dont have each other . I hope that some of my internet friends become my real friends someday and I get the chance to meet them . wow one yr huh ? that is awesome .

  2. Happy One Year Blog-aversary! What would we do without our Joanne's humor to lighten our day and help us deal with the crap that we do? Joanne- THANK YOU for your humor, sensibility and wisdom! I'm so happy to be sharing the diabetes journey with you!

  3. Don't sell yourself short, Joanne. You've touched quite a few people yourself. :) I know I'm one of them. Thank you for publishing Death of a Pancreas!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    I am looking forward to the day when I won't be reading this blog anymore either!! :)) (I'll just read your other one.)


  5. I just want to say that I'm so happy that one year ago you started posting!!Happy 1 year Blogaversary!! and hopefully one day all of our blogs will read "WE HAVE A CURE" That would be amazing to look threw everyone's blogs and all be about the cure!!


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