Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yesterday, Elise woke up from her nap at 39. Yes, 39. That's the kind of number that makes me feel like I've been stabbed in the heart with an icicle when I see it flash on the monitor.

She slept much longer than usual... over 2 hours, and I kept peeking into her room to see if all was well. I thought about checking her, but it's next to impossible to do it and not wake her up. And we with small children know all about the adage, "let sleeping children lie".

So I paced back and forth between the office and her room. "Should I? Shouldn't I? She was slightly high when she woke up yesterday, and her numbers are following the same pattern today. Should I? Shouldn't I?"

I hate this, none of my friends need to wake up their kids from a nap to see if their life is in danger.

She finally woke up and was in a great mood, so I thought her BG would be fine. I couldn't believe it when I saw the number. I threw everything down, scooped her out of her crib and ran downstairs, into the kitchen to get some food in her.

I expected the screams brought on by the low to start at any second, but to my surprise she was fine. Happy, even. And when I gave her the bowl of banana, she took it with a smile and said, "Thank you , Momma!" And when she had eaten everything and asked for more, she was okay with it when I told her she was all done. Usually she freaks out when she's low and I tell her no more.

She was fine the rest of the afternoon and 217 at dinner. Only an hour after dinner she was down to 103. I gave her about 5g to last until her bedtime snack, and at that check, she was 67.

Weird, weird lows. She's been sleeping longer and eating more, so I'm thinking it's a growth spurt. But in the past, she's ALWAYS run high during growth spurts. She is running into the 300s at night, but comes down my the morning (she was 330 at midnight, and 112 when she woke up).

Now it's nap time and she was 241 when I put her down. I'm pretty sure I'll be asking myself, "should I? Shouldn't I?" pretty soon.


  1. I ask myself the same questions EVERY DAY! I hate having to check during nap time. I usually wait it out until he wakes up, unless something was really off that day.

    Tough decision when you don't know what is going to happen! I hope it all works our for you/her today.

  2. Yes Joanne we have all been there at that point . wow that is great that the low did not kick in too bad . well I am off to the dr. to see if I can get rid of this freaking super bug pray for me yall .

  3. I can just see the horror on your face when you saw that monitor!

    Poor Elise. It's not easy being a diabetic baby...or a diabetics parent for that matter. I'm glad she didn't freak out...her good attitude was a gift for sure.

  4. My prayers are for you and Elise with each of these challenges you post. (from Maria's friend)

  5. Oh scary! I would have freaked out too! Glad she is good! I hate times like that! Good job mom!

  6. I despise those moments....despise THEM!!!! 39 and acting like nothing's blows my mind when they don't feel those... actually, it really scares me!!
    You did good!


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