Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A new record

I think this is the longest I've ever gone without posting on this blog. As much as we loved SF, we decided not to move into a cardboard box somewhere on the North Bay side of the Golden Gate Bridge, forgoing things like showering, and the interent (which would be the ONLY way we could afford to live there), and headed back home to Texas. Hopefully I'll be doing a fun post about our trip later, but in a nutshell...

... it was hard. Travelling with a toddler is hard, but travelling with a toddler with D is soooooo stressful. Elise's BG was either low or high, but never anywhere in between.

... it was cold. Living in Texas has turned me into a wimp.

... it was delightful. A trip filled with friends, both old and new.

... it was a learning experience. Every time I take on a new challenge, I feel like I come out the other side better prepared for the next one. If only I could remember all those things that I've learned...

As with last trip, Elise seems to have caught something nasty upon returning home. Right now she's laying in bed with a 101 degree fever and a cough that sounds like a seal. She seems to be in good spirits, but her breathing sounded a bit wheezy and it's making me really nervous. Of course, Elise's pedi is off tomorrow.

On a positive note, her BG at bedtime was 180 (a bit high for her at night, but still okay), and no ketones. Yet...

If you could, please pray for Elise to be feeling better soon. Fred's Mom, Dad, Grandma, sister and niece are all coming to visit this Friday, and it would be wonderful if Elise was feeling well enough to enjoy the visit.


  1. Oh no! I hope she gets better quickly! Lots of prayers for Elise, and Mom....dont worry yourself sick!

  2. Oh no! I hope it is not croup! I hope she gets over it quick and feels better!

    Glad her BG is not too high right now. I would LOVE a 180 at bedtime. :)

  3. I am glad that you enjoyed your trip. It sounds like she has the croup. Poor thing. Sitting in a steamy bathroom or taking her out into the cold will help. If not get her into the dr to get the steroid. It makes their blood sugar go out of control but they feel SO SO SO much better! Good Luck!

  4. We will pray like crazy people that she gets better quickly :)

    Glad you had a good trip.

  5. I am so sorry for Elise! Tell her Aunt Meri is praying that she feels better soon.

    I'm glad you are home safe and sound, and hope her numbers level off soon from the big trip!

  6. Welcome home :)

    I'll be praying for that sweet little girl of yours. GO AWAY SICK BUGS!!!!

  7. yep the sick bugs are going around everyone I know has it , including me . I hope she gets better soon . Glad you got home safe and sound .

  8. Prayers are coming your way Sista.

    I'm glad you went to SF...and got to see Meri! We went to SF one month after Lainey was diagnosed.(Drove in the car for 10 hours.) My husband made me. He had planned the trip for 3 months. Looking back I think we were crazy, but that trip has made some great memories. And it gave me an inner strenghth knowing that we could go anywhere with diabetes.

  9. Glad the trip was fun...albeit stressful. I hope she feels better soon! Poor thing! Oh, and welcome back! Missed ya in blogger land!

    Just wierd know how we have to do the word verification to comment. Right now it wants me to spell "recdom." I know it isn't spelled properly but still a strange word...I'm just sayin. ;)


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