Thursday, December 17, 2009


I like the word flummoxed. It looks cool when typed out, and it's just plain fun to say. It means; bewildered, puzzled, confused. As in; I am so flummoxed by Elise's BG numbers yesterday.

It all started around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Elise had woken up from her nap about 2 hours earlier with a BG of 158. It's a nice number, usually guaranteed to get us through to dinner. But at 4:30, Elise complains that she's thirsty. She had been playing at an indoor playground at our church, and I thought it was from that, but my gut told me I should check her anyway.

She was 61. I gave her some yogurt, and her before dinner check came in at 95. She got her usual dose of DH, and about 5g more of carbs than usual, because we were eating dinner at the church, and Elise would be going back to play on the playground afterwards.

An hour after dinner, she was 63. All I had left for her were some goldfish crackers. I gave her about 8g worth and then we went home.

Bedtime check, she was 102. Good. She got her usual bedtime snack and dose. She actually got her shot late because we were decorating the tree. Only 2 hours after her shot (way to early for the N to be peaking), she was at 60. We give her 10g. She's 78 at next check.

At 1:00 am, she's 54. Crap! we give 10 more grams of carb. I don't remember what happened after that (I think we both passed out from sheer exhaustion), but when we checked her at 3:00 am, she was 69. She gets 7g more. Finally by 4:00 am, she's 144. But down to 119 at 6:00.

When I woke her up this morning, she was 242. This was only 2 hours after the last check, so I'm wondering if she went low again and we missed it. She's been running in the mid to high 200s all morning.

Right now she's been napping for almost two hours and I'm wondering if I should sneak in there to check on her. We contacted the CDE at our endo, but they weren't much help.

So yeah... life is crazy right now. Thank goodness for impromptu kitchen dance parties to make you feel good.


  1. I'm just catching sorry about these yucky lows!!!! BLECH!!!

    I wish I had some sort of witty, clever advice.

    But...I don't.

    D sux. How about that?

    But OMGsh that sweet little angel is SO CUTE dancing her tail off in your kitchen!!!!!!

  2. I am at a loss. We have always had the same WONDERFUL endo. Whenever I call, she has the answer..and it almost ALWAYS works. She tells me why things are happening and has great ideas. Let's try this...and if this doesn't work we'll try this. She is always there for me.

    What a blessing she has been, mostly because, as you know, a baby with diabetes is a different animal. If your endo is stuck, and can't help you...and you are up night, every night...maybe you should think about shopping around for a new endo.

    You need support and help from somebody who is an expert, and knows what to do.

    I couldn't imagine calling my endo and she not being much help. It is your Endo's job to help you fix this. It has been so many long nights for you guys. I feel awful for you. That adorable dancing little girl deserves the support from a doctor who is willing and able to help her. (And her poor sleep deprived parents.)

  3. Thanks Wendy and Meri... as for the endo thing, it's not the doc, it's the CDEs. They're sort of like the gate-keepers and it's only when you make a substantial amount of noise do they let the doc know what's going on. The problem is that it's a huge practice and we're just a number to these people. I've looked at other places in our area, but all the other pediatric endo's are part of large practices.

    I'm going to see what tonight/tomorrow brings and if it's not any better, you can bet I'll start yelling.

  4. Oh yuck....hate this stuff!!

    Here's a thought....would you consider going to Houston?? Texas Children's in Houston is AMAZING!! They have a good sized team of pediatric endos and if we called the emergency line, we always got a call back from a dr. For basic adjustments, usually the CDE could walk us through it, but they were really good about talking to the dr. if needed OR having the dr. call us. I loved THEM!!! There's a reason TX Children's in Houston is rated the #4 children's hospital in the world!!!

    Just a thought....we actually considered keeping them when we moved to Tulsa, even though it would have been an 8 hour drive. We weren't incredibly impressed with our Tulsa dr.'s.

    Hang in'll get it figured out!

  5. yeah usually you get it figured out before something changes again .

  6. It's great that she can have so much fun, even when her numbers are thrashing around so much.

    I usually like to crawl into a corner and hibernate.

    I was fighting lows all morning after I planned for the spike I'd seen the last three days running and it never materialized. Then I got a spike after lunch.

    My CDE is fantastic - I couldn't imagine what it would be like living with this without her guidance.

  7. I heart you!
    I feel you!
    I get you!
    I am flummoxed with you!

    I am checking into a recommended ped endo. Will let you know how it goes. You know my feeling about Children's. Love Dr. T - No love for # I feel like when I call the CDE.


  8. @ Amy - Houston would be a beating to drive to... I think it's almost 5 hours (one way) for us. With Elise's schedule it would be too hard. They would have to be AMAZING for us to make that switch.


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